Why Every Family We Help Is Different At Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners…

The last 6 years of my life helping the families who came to us has been quite a journey.  Texas Twins Events started it all when I decided to help families with little money to enjoy something they wouldn’t be able to afford.  My goal was to find families who couldn’t find vendors willing to … [Read more…]

Willow Lake Event Center- One Of Our Favorite Venues…

Last night I drove my twin sister and Little Pawners to Willow Lake for a wedding rehearsal (the wedding is Saturday).  Many of my clients request a rehearsal to feel more comfortable about placement and procession at the actual event.       Going into our first month of weight loss, running from one event to another … [Read more…]

The Pawning Planners- How We Made It As A TwinTeam…

A lot of folks have heard me say “I’ve been poor and that’s why I understand clients who have no money and their needs.”  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel has been poor too.  When I say poor I mean dead broke.  Broke enough to sell our furniture and sit on the floor to buy food. … [Read more…]

Weddings, Party Planning & Loaned Floral Designs Kick Off a Busy Weekend…

This weekend is jam packed for the Pawning Planners with one event right after the other but, I took a phone call from Chad and made an appointment to meet with him 45 minutes before leaving for a wedding rehearsal to hear his story at my home.   I’m going to work hard to help … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham Explains Why I Occasionally Work For Free…Sponsored Dream Events-

Do you love your job enough to perform it unpaid?  Many of you will answer no to this question.  I started a business over four years ago to give anyone- read that again-ANYONE a beautiful event regardless of their income.  This sets me apart from nearly any other vendor in the wedding or events industry.  … [Read more…]

Friends of the Friendless?  The Pawning Planners Philosophy…

When I’m asked if I will help anyone- the answer is if it’s within my power and travel distance- yes!  The families who come to me for help often have nowhere else to turn.  My twin sister and I answer a lot of questions when folks wonder why we do what we do to help … [Read more…]

Coming Soon! My Latest Website Texas Twins Treasures Offering Pawning Planners Merchandise…

Evolving my Texas Twins Brand to include Pawning Planners Merchandise is an exciting addition to Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners.  In January 2016, the latest website Texas Twins Treasures Buy Pawning Planners TShirts, Mugs & Caps will go live and be linked to all of my other websites We take trades for wedding ceremonies and event services- The Pawning … [Read more…]

You Might Be A Hillbilly If…Meet My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel! Wendy Wortham Explains Hillbilly Humor & #Cindyism

Although it pains me to no end, my twin proudly proclaims her status as a hillbilly and wears this description as a badge of honor no less😩  You see, Cindy married a country boy and truck driver while I married a land developer and businessman.  They get along great and are complete opposites of each … [Read more…]

The Pawning Planners- Wendy Wortham’s Designing Diva Duo With Cindy Daniel Turning Trades Into Texas Twins Treasures

Taking trades for wedding ceremonies and event services is a fairly unique idea that was born out of my initial plan to offer low cost ministry services, floral designs and photography.  My multigenerational Texas Twins Team are an interesting mix of employees committed to giving anyone regardless of their income, a Dream Event that they … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham- Why Unique Dream Events Start With Real Families…Travels of the Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team

I’m interviewed frequently about how and why I started a business based on families over profit and the truth is- if there weren’t so many families who can’t afford to hire a minister, floral designer or event coordinator- there would be no market for my multigenerational family to swap, flip or trade for services.  Every … [Read more…]