Boomerang Kids, Blended Families & Lots Of Laughs- The Pawning Planners…

No one expects their kids to move home after they’ve moved out but some parents have a few “birds” that have never left the nest.  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel continues to wonder what an empty nest would feel like with three generations of her family under one roof.  Prior to marrying Steve, Cindy went … [Read more…]

The “Wild Card” Wedding Officiant vs Wedding Coordinator…Travels Of The Texas Twins

Yesterday evening, I traveled to Villagio Resorts to meet my client Macy Reeve for her wedding ceremony.  After 5 years of officiating weddings, LBGT unions, baptisms and funerals as well as planning Pawning Parties (rent parties) estate Liquidations, birthday parties, anniversaries and everything in between- I’ve “worked with” many event planners and had no issues … [Read more…]

North Texans Buckle Down For A Storm That Didn’t Happen.. 

The last hail storm that swept through Texas was a pretty horrific event for families who still don’t have glass for their cars.  My home aka WorthamWorld was hammered badly enough to need a new roof with both of our cars getting over 6k in hail dents.     Texas weather is often unpredictable for North … [Read more…]

A Winter Wedding at the Botanic Gardens with Wendy Wortham…

This morning my daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele, helped me load and organize for a wedding at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.    I had met the couples several weeks earlier to discuss their wishes and the location for an intimate ceremony in the Japanese Gardens.  Stephanie handled the photography and did a wonderful job. … [Read more…]

Texas Twins Treasures Pawning Planners Apparel T-Shirts Are Now Available…

Finding someone who understood what I was wanting for our inventory wasn’t easy.  You see, I wanted the front to feature our logo with the back having a classic quote from my hilarious sister, Cindy Daniel.   The idea behind selling merchandise is to fund the families who don’t have money for low cost events offered … [Read more…]

House Hopping For The Holidays, Travels of my  Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team…

Every year my son and his wife “make the rounds” during the holidays.  Divorced parents each want their children at their home but the strain on the children from inlaws and outlaws can make the holidays stressful on the children well into adulthood.   Yesterday, I met my cousin, Cynthia Dickson at Walmart to buy … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham on why & how a surgery waiting room ended a family fued- Travels of the Texas Twins…

Yesterday morning, my cousin Cynthia Rene called and asked if I was sitting down.  Wondering if perhaps my country cousin had “hit the lottery” I sat down.  Next, I was asked if my twin sister, Cindy Daniel was with me since she usually is, but she was actually across town doing her “Proctor & Gamble” … [Read more…]

You Might Be A Hillbilly If…Meet My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel! Wendy Wortham Explains Hillbilly Humor & #Cindyism

Although it pains me to no end, my twin proudly proclaims her status as a hillbilly and wears this description as a badge of honor no less😩  You see, Cindy married a country boy and truck driver while I married a land developer and businessman.  They get along great and are complete opposites of each … [Read more…]

Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney why “Twinning” is “Winning” for two sets of Texas Twins…

Last night our 11 year old twins attended their first dance at Austin Elementary to raise money for the PTO.  After asking over and over if my twin and I could attend and hearing “no,” we decided to crash the party anyway and find out if they were having a good time or not.  As … [Read more…]

WorthamWorld-The Christmas Wedding In My Home…Wendy Wortham on Elopement Packages  

Home sick and checking my email, I came across an interesting request regarding a Christmas Wedding in November at WorthamWorld from a terminally ill father who had one last wish to see his daughter wed before “going home to see my wife again” his time was short and worried that he wouldn’t live long enough … [Read more…]