The “Wild Card” Wedding Officiant vs Wedding Coordinator…Travels Of The Texas Twins

Yesterday evening, I traveled to Villagio Resorts to meet my client Macy Reeve for her wedding ceremony.  After 5 years of officiating weddings, LBGT unions, baptisms and funerals as well as planning Pawning Parties (rent parties) estate Liquidations, birthday parties, anniversaries and everything in between- I’ve “worked with” many event planners and had no issues until yesterday. 

The Bride (Left) The Wedding Planner (Right)

I’m never late to an event and yesterday was no exception to my rule.  The wedding planner was 20 minutes late while everyone stood around waiting on him.  His arrival and failure to apologize for keeping everyone waiting fell by the wayside as he “hit everyone in the face with his super hero cape thinking he was saving the day by bothering to show up!” 

Wendy Wortham With The Flower Girl On Location

The wedding coordinator made several ridiculous suggestions that included not having the flower girl involved in the rehearsal or even to stand with the wedding party during the ceremony!  After recognizing that he had no idea what he was doing with these types of “ideas,” I stepped in and walked the flower girl in the procession myself. 

Macy & Champagne- Complimentary Photography By Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners

Many families who have hired a photographer for their wedding never have anyone on hand at rehearsals.  Because of this- I bring someone from my team to take complimentary photos and video.

 Some of the looks this planner gave me when I interrupted here and there are obvious because photos don’t lie.

What is the role of the wedding ceremony “rehearsal?”  Well, it’s when you get everyone together who is involved in the wedding for a walk through (especially children in the wedding ie: the flower girl).  This list should include all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, and parents (giving the bride away) and couple.  It is optional to have the readers, musicians, and grandparents or Godparents there.

   A “rehearsal” is really not a full rehearsal, it is only a walk through of what will happen during the ceremony.  It’s not like a Broadway play or Hollywood movie, where everyone has to practice all of their singing, acting or stunt parts together.

Why you don’t want your Wedding Officiant reciting the entire cetemony- because the emotional elements that belong at the actual wedding won’t “feel” fresh and seem threadworn by the time the actual marriage occurs.

Most rehearsals take 30 minutes or less for me to go over the details, answer questions and make everyone comfortable.  However, yesterday took over an hour and a half of confusion thanks to a planner jumping in and confusing the guests and wedding party.  Macy’s mother is struggling through treatment for ovarian cancer and could not stay for the entire rehearsal lasting over an hour with confusing directions and suggestions of the wedding coordinator.

Now, I’m normally in charge of the wedding rehearsal because I’m officiating the ceremony and because that aspect of the wedding  day falls on me.  Someone walking the wrong way or standing in the wrong place at the actual wedding is a real possibility after the wedding coordinator decided that the wedding party should walk to the area “in a group.”

Okay, the wedding processional is called a processional because everyone approaches me in single form and most certainly not as a group other than the father or father’s giving the bride away or a two by two of the bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers and groomsmen.  I normally walk ahead of the procession or, can be waiting at the location of the ceremony.

I wrote a blog regarding rehearsals after many of my clients asked if they need one to better explain whether you need one or not on my sister site Texas Twins Events- “Wedding Rehearsals Why You Need One.” 

 Since I’m slammed this weekend with another wedding rehearsal today and Appraisal Appointments tomorrow with two weddings Sunday, I’m hoping for an attitude adjustment with this planner but, if he thinks he’s going to ruin my part of the day- he had better stay out of my way!

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