A Winter Wedding at the Botanic Gardens with Wendy Wortham…

This morning my daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele, helped me load and organize for a wedding at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. 

  I had met the couples several weeks earlier to discuss their wishes and the location for an intimate ceremony in the Japanese Gardens.  Stephanie handled the photography and did a wonderful job.


Although the beautiful bride didn’t want a bouquet, I brought one anyway to add color to the photos and a boutennier for Karl.  This beautiful young couple had a lot of fun with Stephanie climbing in trees to get a better angle or crawling under bridges to catch a “unique view.” 

Reverend Wendy Wortham

I enjoyed visiting with their families and sharing stories of weddings my team and I have done at the gardens.  In fact, Stephanie and my son Robert Hafele, were married in nearly the same spot we were at today so after the wedding and photos- we spent some time goofing around and having fun enjoying the beautiful fall scenery. 

Stephanie Hafele Photographer For Texas Twins Events

The best part of my wedding and events business is that I’m able to spend time with my family and meet wonderful people like the Cagas Family.  With the beautiful fall colors and scenery I’m so glad that rain didn’t ruin a wonderful day for this beautiful young couple. 


Reverend Wendy Wortham-Texas Twins Events