North Texans Buckle Down For A Storm That Didn’t Happen.. 

The last hail storm that swept through Texas was a pretty horrific event for families who still don’t have glass for their cars.  My home aka WorthamWorld was hammered badly enough to need a new roof with both of our cars getting over 6k in hail dents.     Texas weather is often unpredictable for North … [Read more…]

Am I “Old School?”  Perhaps But Parenting Requires Input Whether Your Children Think It’s “Outdated” Or Not…

My son Robert Hafele is a photographer for Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners and we often disagree on tattoos, piercings and non conforming haircuts and color.  He’s a very good looking young man but recent changes to his appearance have me confused and concerned these days!  Yesterday I was (again) taken “off guard when my … [Read more…]