Am I “Old School?”  Perhaps But Parenting Requires Input Whether Your Children Think It’s “Outdated” Or Not…

My son Robert Hafele is a photographer for Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners and we often disagree on tattoos, piercings and non conforming haircuts and color.  He’s a very good looking young man but recent changes to his appearance have me confused and concerned these days!  Yesterday I was (again) taken “off guard when my … [Read more…]

Fort Worth Friendly Pride Parade TCGPWA October 3, 2015

 Choosing costumes for the parade this year, my saucy sidekick twin sister, Cindy Daniel decided we would wear twin outfits. Wendy Wortham TCGPWA with Texas Twins Events I’m planning to get video of the parade for the association to upload to their website. For several years, my team and I have supported our many friends in … [Read more…]