North Texans Buckle Down For A Storm That Didn’t Happen.. 

The last hail storm that swept through Texas was a pretty horrific event for families who still don’t have glass for their cars.  My home aka WorthamWorld was hammered badly enough to need a new roof with both of our cars getting over 6k in hail dents.     Texas weather is often unpredictable for North … [Read more…]

Drama At The DanielDivaDiggs-Do It Yourself Home Repairs With Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners…

Cindy Daniel has completed replacing the floors and remodeling her home over the twenty years she’s lived in Weatherford.  Ironically, there is “always something going wrong” at Cindy’s house and this week it’s a drunk driver running into her retaining wall with torrential rain flooding her basement.  I’ve always wanted to move Cindy to another … [Read more…]