Drama At The DanielDivaDiggs-Do It Yourself Home Repairs With Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners…

Cindy Daniel has completed replacing the floors and remodeling her home over the twenty years she’s lived in Weatherford.  Ironically, there is “always something going wrong” at Cindy’s house and this week it’s a drunk driver running into her retaining wall with torrential rain flooding her basement.  I’ve always wanted to move Cindy to another home that doesn’t have so many problems but- until that day arrives, it looks like these Texas Twins will be finding a way to rebuild the brick retaining wall ourselves. 


Four years ago, I used my Christmas bonus to hire painters and help Cindy update the DanielDivaDiggs but the basement has always flooded and the overflow in the hall continues to be a problem.  We don’t have a lot of money to hire repairmen so if we can do the job ourselves- we “buckle up” and get to work!  When we have extra money, we hire help but the plumbing in her home has never “been right” after my Aunt Shirley put a cantaloupe rind down the garbage disposal.  Bubba used to come over once a year and snake the house but sadly a fall from a customers roof took his life two years ago which leaves us without a trusted plumber.

  The “heart” of the DanielDivaDiggs is the dining room and den area.


The breakfast “nook” looks out onto a double decked backyard area as the house is built atop a hill.  

The upstairs features two bathrooms and three bedrooms with the basement being one open room with a laundry area.  The spiral staircase is getting “tricky” at our age and the brick steps up to the front door are quite steep.  Cindy hates moving as much as I do but one day I will happily wave goodbye to this after years of everything going awry including the fence blowing down.  Some of Cindy’s Cindyisms are based on Steve Daniel “turning a blind eye” on the work around the DanielDivaDiggs that often falls on my sisters shoulders.
 The Little Pawners aka the Tiny Texas Twins are so used to Cindy and I mixing cement or painting something that they have their own “mini set” of paintbrushes and tools to “help.”  Although there have been a few times that Cindy and I have “messed up” this or that, we realize we aren’t “professionals” and try to d the best we can with the tools we have.  Steve Daniel is often out of town on the job site so our twin duo “dig in” and get “down and dirty.”  Since the rain is not likely to stop for several days- the basement will continue to flash flood the garage.  It’s not easy trying to do everything yourself but my sister is no stranger to hard work in Weatherford.  One day I hope that we can find a house that doesn’t have so many issues but until then, we are “in this together” as a twin team trying to fix this and that whenever possible on our own.

Wendy M Wortham