You Might Be A Hillbilly If…Meet My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel! Wendy Wortham Explains Hillbilly Humor & #Cindyism

Although it pains me to no end, my twin proudly proclaims her status as a hillbilly and wears this description as a badge of honor no less? 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham The Pawning Planners

You see, Cindy married a country boy and truck driver while I married a land developer and businessman.  They get along great and are complete opposites of each other but like my twin and I have compensating personalities that compliment each other.  Hillbilly’s Are Creative And Highly Intelligent? You bet meet my GingerTwin Cindy Daniel is a video of my twin explaining why not having any money means you better have a good head on your shoulders to “figure it out!” 

Wendy Wortham with Steve & Cindy Daniel

When folks ask why we are different- Cindy quickly explains that I “am the fancy twin” and she isn’t because she hates to dress up or be uncomfortable and enjoys wearing her favorite clothes and creating one of a kind outfits for our darling tiny Texas Twins aka the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney far more than spending time on fancy clothes and being uncomfortable to “put on a show.”  My twin sister is fairly funny and had something to say about dang near everything Cindy Daniel on Texas Humor and Cindyism Her Flair For Honesty documents how when I decided to start a “Budget Wedding & Event Services” how my twin sister decided to be a guest rather than part of my Texas Twins Team Low Cost Services and Ceremonies-Texas Twins Events started out with a target market of lower to middle class clients who could never afford traditional price structures.  You see, my goal was to reach the people that no one was marketing towards regarding high end wedding cakes, photographers, floral designs and Ministerial functions as a wedding officiant and/or clergy.  I knew the market existed and I also knew that for many families a “Dream Event” was just that- a dream.  Instead of enjoying beautiful bouquets and photos with loaned extras from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory, these families were going to the courthouse for a Justice of the Peace Wedding in a “less than warm and friendly” environment.  Giving them a of the things they never expected became a journey of families over profit and evolved into taking trades for services.  We Take Trades For Wedding & Event Services The Pawning Planners is an extension of Texas Twins Events and my sister, Cindy Daniel who started out doing the photography, has moved to comedy relief and honored guest as well as the “quick fix” Diva when a hem  

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham

 is torn or another “Emergency” arises.  Cindy enjoys the guests as much as she enjoys “visiting” with them!  Our journey has taken us many places and given us the unique opportunity to meet families from diverse backgrounds who shared a common bond of wanting a beautiful cetemony but having no idea of how to attain it. 

Wendy Wortham with Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney and Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners & The Little Pawners

Everywhere we go and with everything we do- we are blessed, truly blessed to meet wonderful folks who are thrilled we could help them.  While Cindy may be “a little bit county” I’m a “little bit perfectionist” which makes us fairly hilarious to watch together because we never “hold back” regarding our different views on things and, life in general. So, while my twin may consider herself a hillbilly, I consider her to be my twin, my best friend and my business partner.  Appraising items is perhaps some of our funniest experiences since everything she’s looking for in a “quick flip” has no interest for me.  Instead, I’m looking at the grain of a beautiful piece of wood or imagining the many places a unique antique has traveled prior to being submitted in trade (The Pawning Process) to me.  Bring back the former elegance and beauty of furniture is my specialty and often it’s difficult to let a piece go and offer it for sale which is why my home, WorthamWorld, is furnished in Texas Twins Treasures trades.  Cindy takes no interest whatsoever in “fancy furniture.”  She’s far more concerned with her latest project or remodeling ideas for the DanielDivaDiggs.  Today while shopping for items to make the Little Pawners Christmas Outfits to wear to volunteer functions and charitable events, Cindy shocked me (as usual) by saying “hey, you might be a hillbilly if you think pajamas are acceptable outerwear.”  Rolling onto “If you’ve got more abandoned cars in your yard not running than the ones that are- you might be a hillbilly!”  Into the hilarious “Wearing your nicest tube top to a formal affair?  Honey, you are a hillbilly!” 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham

Of course, we were in Fort Worth where the immaculately dressed business folks inevitably mix with the Walmart shoppers and the “clash” of the farmers and rodeo folks was effectively the “cherry on the cake.”  Life is like that sometimes, the differences in everyone are what  make us unique and, if you’re a twin with twins, the laughs will never end my friend!  
Cindyisms are quirky redneck reality lines my twin sister comes up with on a daily basis are fairly creative- my twin can “whip out” Texas Humor “you might be a hillbilly if duct tape is essential to all of your home repairs or if you have ever used a rope of chain to tow your car or a leaf blower indoors, you spend more money on your fence than your home, you wear suspenders so you can use your belt for a dolly strap, your dress shirts all have Pearl buttons, you would rather kill your dinner than go to a restaurant, you cut your long sleeve shirts to create a summer wardrobe, your trash can is a burn barrel, you have stuffed animals for “art” on your walls, flannel is your high end cotton of choice, you have a tab at the feed store, you pull spare tires off your mobile home, a wheel barrow is your ice chest, your barn has wifi and cable, your mule is a “thoroughbred” or if your home has beer signs that you use for decorative lighting, you don’t buy cooking oil you prefer to save it from previous cooked meats, you think bed sheets look great as curtains, your velvet portrait of Elvis is prominently placed, you pull parts 
to fix the car you’re currently driving.”  We have a few hillbillies in our family and often are amazed at the things they do to save a dollar here and there but most of Cindy’s best material comes from our own life experiences with clients as well as our own family members who I’m sure will recognize themselves in this blog but don’t worry we love ya all anyhow and you keep us laughing with your skillful ideas on “figuring it out!” 

Wendy M Wortham