Texas Twins Treasures Pawning Planners Apparel T-Shirts Are Now Available…

Finding someone who understood what I was wanting for our inventory wasn’t easy.  You see, I wanted the front to feature our logo with the back having a classic quote from my hilarious sister, Cindy Daniel. 

 The idea behind selling merchandise is to fund the families who don’t have money for low cost events offered at Texas Twins Events.

The option to trade for services through my sister site, The Pawning Planners gives those without cash on hand another way to finance their event but, occasionally we have families with neither the money nor a trade.  

 What to do?  Well, I had my creative web designer build me a site featuring inventory from my Texas Twins Treasures Ebay store Texas Twins Treasures- Something For Everyone!

After visiting numerous locations, I found Matt who understood what I was trying to accomplish and quickly turned around my order. 

The front and back tshirts are quite a bit more expensive so, I will also be selling front only shirts from another vendor.  

 Also offered at Texas Twins Treasures are a collection of refurbished antiques, couture clothing and jewelry.  Texas Twins has something for everyone and your purchase funds Dream Events for families who have no money or a trade to offer in consideration of our services for religious ceremonies, photography and more. 

 From bouquets, to boutenniers, to ring pillows and flower baskets, my inventory is loaned to hundreds of families every year to ensure beauty at their events and reflected in their keepsake photos from my Texas Twins Events photography team, Stephanie and Robert Hafele. 

Stephanie and Robert Hafele- Texas Twins Events Photo By Cindy Daniel

You see, my team understands the importance of beautiful photos from their Dream Event that create a timeless memory.  When I started Texas Twins Events several years ago, Cindy Daniel was the original photographer but, I quickly realized that Cindy had a better fit “visiting with the guests” as well as her amazing “quick fix” skills when something unexpected occured at an event.  Cindy can fix nearly anything with her “bag of tricks.”  She also keeps everyone entertained with her stand up comedy routines when there is a “hold up” on the ceremony starting on time.  My twin has never met a stranger and can command a room just as easily as I can. 

Photography by Texas Twins Events Team-Robert & Stephanie Hafele


Flower Girls, Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney 50th Wedding Anniversary

 Our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney love every aspect of the wedding and events industry.  One day (when funds allow) the twins want to work at a Texas Twins Treasures Store.  While I would love to have an indoor venue/storefront.  Such an expense is out of reach for my team since all of my businesses are built on people rather than profit.  While I do maintain payroll and expenses by refurbished items and paying customers, often there is very little left over and hopefully Texas Twins Treasures TShirts will be a hit and bring in additional revenue for my team. 

Two Sets of Texas Twins- The Pawning Planners & The Little Pawners

As I prepare for an early morning wedding at the botanic gardens for a young couple on a budget, I call Stephanie Hafele to ensure that I have a photographer on hand as a gift to this young couple who will be borrowing floral designs and realize that while we may not be rich, we are making a difference for the hundreds of families who had no one else to help them with a religious ceremony or event and remind myself that it isn’t “all about the money!” 

Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel- Travels of the Texas Twins

My Texas Twins Events Team have met folks from all walks of life that have enriched us with their unique backgrounds and history.  We’ve learned many things throughout our lifetime and we’ve taught our children that kindness is free.  In a world where happiness is a shrinking commodity these days, we are changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas regardless of their income and meeting new friends from all walks of life and although we operate on a tight budget- we are still going strong and looking forward to a new year of friends and adventures.

Wendy M Wortham Texas Twins Events- Religious Services & Ceremonies, Photography & More