Why “You Can’t Climb The Ladder Of Success On Someone Else’s Coat Tails.”

Today’s blog title is based on my twin sisters ingenious way of “summing up the situation” and used on Pawning Planners Apparel.  Cindy’s Redneck Reality Quotes are shared worldwide and incredible poplar.  An example of #Cindyism would be  “You don’t MEND fences WITH the NEIGHBORS by BORROWING a LADDER, to STEAL fruit FROM their TREE” … [Read more…]

Boomerang Kids, Blended Families & Lots Of Laughs- The Pawning Planners…

No one expects their kids to move home after they’ve moved out but some parents have a few “birds” that have never left the nest.  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel continues to wonder what an empty nest would feel like with three generations of her family under one roof.  Prior to marrying Steve, Cindy went … [Read more…]

Back To School- Twin Laws For Multiples In Texas Give Parents “The Right To Choose”

As children, my twin sister and I were separated in schools because administrators thought it was a good idea.  The truth was that separation in school caused me to develop a chronic stutter that would stay with me for years.  Speech therapy finally accomplished the difficult task of overcoming my speech disability. Fighting for the … [Read more…]

Why Social Media Is “Tit For Tat” There Is No “Easy Button!” 

So, you’ve set up a Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, or Pinterest account but you have no followers.  How do you get dedicated followers?  You earn EM. Why everyone thinks that others are going to promote them is beyond me.  Unless you’re a superstar, no one is going retweet, repin, like or share your posts. Branding … [Read more…]

My Texas Twins Events Team and Family Keep Me Laughing With Their Selfies…

Getting a “great shot” isn’t easy but my son and his wife have entirely different styles of shooting wedding and event photos.  Stephanie is a “fast shot” taking hundreds of photos within a 2-4 hour window while my son, Robert has to be a perfectionist regarding the lighting, the pose, etc. Next weekend Robert will … [Read more…]

Travels of the Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team…Meet My Multigenerational Family

When you spend your free time with your family AND work with them you’re often going to find a few hilarious moments now and again. My family has a lot of “big personalities” who enjoy what they do. How did I get started in the wedding and events business?  My son’s wedding!  That’s right I … [Read more…]

Travels Of The Texas Twins- My Multigenerational Wedding & Event Business…

Does anyone really know what they want to be when they grow up?  I didn’t either and my childhood would be derailed by taking several jobs at a time with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel in order to get by.  We left home at 15 years old and lied about our ages in order to … [Read more…]

Texas Twins Treasures Pawning Planners Apparel T-Shirts Are Now Available…

Finding someone who understood what I was wanting for our inventory wasn’t easy.  You see, I wanted the front to feature our logo with the back having a classic quote from my hilarious sister, Cindy Daniel.   The idea behind selling merchandise is to fund the families who don’t have money for low cost events offered … [Read more…]

Texas Twins Treasures Visit My Treasure Chest- There Is Something For Everyone…

When you take trades for services, you come across some fairly interesting and even occasionally surprising items.  My latest website Texas Twins Treasures offers items that have been carefully and artfully refurbished or couture clothing, jewelry, shoes and purses.       When folks ask where we find the clothing the answer is more complex than you might think … [Read more…]

Fort Worth For The Holidays With The Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team…

From Black Friday shopping to Six Flags, this Texas Twins Team has been staying busy collecting Toys For Tots and delivering hot meals to friends and families.  Last year, we were in California with the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney along with my niece, Leigh Ann Blais and saucy sidekick twin sister Cindy Daniel.  … [Read more…]