Weddings, Party Planning & Loaned Floral Designs Kick Off a Busy Weekend…

This weekend is jam packed for the Pawning Planners with one event right after the other but, I took a phone call from Chad and made an appointment to meet with him 45 minutes before leaving for a wedding rehearsal to hear his story at my home.  

I’m going to work hard to help Chad get his Dream Event of a family reunion and finally meet the father he’s never know because we have a mother we’ve never known ourselves.  Sadly, we had to cut our meeting rather short in order to get to Azle for another meeting.

We were “on the dash” to Deer Cove minutes after speaking with him and upon arriving, found the venue covered with tables and chairs making it impossible to rehearse around the mess.  The venue owner was more than a little “tipsy.”  I suggested we practice on the patio but it was simply too cold so Cindy and I worked the group around the “set up” for a party Saturday although the owner knew we had reserved the area first.

All of this “drama” made everyone anxious while the owner continued to drink beer from a Dixie cup watching us as her employees continued to set up tables and chairs.  Normally, a rehearsal is a private affair when you rent a venue.  Due to the tables, chairs, employees and “everything else going on,” I instructed the party on placement and then brought the minister into the mix to familiarize everyone with the procession.

You see, the area on the other side of the tables and chairs is where the actual wedding will take place on Sunday so we had to effectively “crowd into” the dance floor area in order to rehearse.  This has never happened before and getting everyone organized in a different area proved to be challenging.

 Just when you think you’ve seen everything- something completely out of the ordinary can happen and tonight’s rehearsal for a wedding Sunday was no exception with one of the bridesmaids breastfeeding “out of the blue.”  Laurie who had hired my team was horrified by this “exhibition.”

 The bridesmaid was perhaps unaware that her instinct to feed the baby made anyone uncomfortable.  However, we were all hoping that breastfeeding in public wouldn’t occur at the wedding Sunday.

Cindy and I discussed Chad’s Dream Event while burning rubber to get The Deer Cove in Azle since we will need to get appraisals and bids before committing because the Pawning Process factors whether we “hit a lick or not.”  This young man had an interesting and tragic story to tell us of realizing that his birth father lived only a few miles from him and wanting to reunite and have his very first family reunion The Pawning Planners- Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel Evaluate a Trade For Services is a YouTube video of meeting with Chad to discuss his trade and his request for a Dream Event with approximately 50 guests, barbecue catering and decorations for the event.

I was touched by Chad’s story because it “felt familiar” since I had gone searching for my own mother some 20 years ago myself and had less than a “warm reception.”  Occasionally, the parents or child don’t “sync” on what they are expecting or one has deeper expectations than the other or, in my own case, questions about why the parent abandoned the child or children.

Family reunions are joyous events and because of this- I suggested that Chad meet with his father and my team to “warm up” to the idea of a family reunion.

My concerns regarding inviting an entire family of strangers to an event are well founded since an “invitation out of the blue” often takes family members by surprise.

This young man impressed me with his passion by grabbing me for a hug after hearing his story and understanding his sense of loss at trying to find his family and feel “whole.”

I’m far too old to “need a mother” and have been for many years but that “meeting was something I will never forget” by being awkward and feeling strained.  I never did actually “connect” with my mother due to an accident that left her with permanent cognitive damage.  I’m hoping my own experience will help Chad understand that reunions are not always what we hope for.

Hopefully, Chad with his warm and fun loving spirit won’t be crawling over hot coals trying to “find a connection.”

But back to surprising shows- I’ve seen inlaw and outlaw behavior before but, the brides family isn’t paying for this Dream Event- the grooms mother who is struggling with bone cancer is and therefore, anyone or anything that may upset Laurie at this event Sunday will be addressed by myself or my team in order to keep the event running smoothly.

This isn’t my first rodeo and addressing the issue of breast feeding in public isn’t the basis for this blog but when 200 people are going to be watching a wedding- it is NOT THE TIME OR PLACE when you are in the wedding party.  Such things are a private matter or at the very least warrant a throw, blanket or towel when photos are being taken to mark the moment for Laurie who hired my team to coordinate and photograph her event for her. 



 I’m  also loaning centerpieces and decorations to make this venue (The Deer Cove) beautiful for her and her son.  My daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele worked all day helping me get floral designs ready for three events this weekend so as you can see- we are running, running and running to meet the demands of our clients this season. 


Stephanie Hafele at WorthamWorld

We leave early in the morning to attend a wedding in Corsicana and Sunday morning meet Laurie to set up, stage and decorate the venue and hopefully we can get through the event without seeing any boobs or butt cracks but it won’t be the first time my friend…

Wendy M Wortham