The Pawning Planners- Wendy Wortham’s Designing Diva Duo With Cindy Daniel Turning Trades Into Texas Twins Treasures

Taking trades for wedding ceremonies and event services is a fairly unique idea that was born out of my initial plan to offer low cost ministry services, floral designs and photography.  My multigenerational Texas Twins Team are an interesting mix of employees committed to giving anyone regardless of their income, a Dream Event that they otherwise could never afford.

Joanna Magee Dream Event


Wendy Wortham Officiates The Bowman-Holder Dream Event


Saucy Sidekick Cindy Daniel With Wendy Wortham at Willow Lake Event Center

We are constantly being asked about the “weirdest” trades or event requests but actually don’t consider any request from our clients or trade submission to be either “weird” or “strange” for a very good reason- we are a very creative and open minded “Twin Team.” 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham The Pawning Planners With Our Little Pawners

 From Weddings in the park to “fancy affairs” at a venue, my Texas Twins Events Team travel to find a flip, swap or trade for services when clients have no money.

Wendy Wortham Makenna Mahaney Maryssa Mahaney Cindy Daniel Four Twin Girls in Texas

 We are two sets of twins with compensating personalities and often have our own views on not only the trade but also the orchestration of the event.


Two Sets of Texas Twins

 From baby showers to anniversaries and everything in between no event is too big or too small- we do them all! 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham

 When I decided to take trades in my “Pawning Process” the “Design Diva” in this Texas Twin came about out of necessity.  You see, expensive tapestries and fabrics are hard to come by and I would use my “vision” of blending fabrics to create one of a kind “Texas Twins Treasures” while my twin sister, Cindy Daniel would use remnants from events to create tutus and hair bows for our Little Pawners. 

Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney “Stylish Twin Sisters”

Cindy keeps the Little Pawners dressed stylishly everyday with her unique ability to create fantastic fashions out of a few ribbons and silk flowers because she’s an artist at putting things together for the twins! 

Makenba and Maryssa Mahaney Spending “Tip Money” from a wedding at WalMart with Uncle Matthew Wortham

Maryssa and Makenna work for tips as flower girls, ring bearers and ushers and have been active in both of my unique businesses, The Pawning Planners and Texas Twins Events for four years.  Taking trades for services gives my twin and I the unique window to “dig through junk” in search of a unique treasure that is often under a pile of stuff so deep and so tall that without going through everything, we would never have found the item. 

Wendy Wortham the Design Diva of Texas Twins Treasures Models a Satchel Purse


Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Model Dresses & Headbands by Design Diva Cindy Daniel of CD Designs


Wendy Wortham Models a Fur Coat Texas Twins Treasures

 Modeling for our EBay store has always been fun for this family of Hans 

who aren’t embarrassed to dance around and post pictures to move the inventory and we often have a great time posting photos together as a “team of twins!” 

Maryssa Mahaney Models Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses Wearing CD Designs Dress with Matching Headband

My twin creates outfits that have people stopping us all the time because she (like me) creates designs that you don’t see everywhere you go.  We look for a unique combination of colors and textures that compliment each other in the overall design and bring a bit of bold and daring coordinates together. 

Broken Chairs Taken In Trade BEFORE The Pawning Process

I’ve yet to be “lucky enough” to have a “ready to sell” furniture trade.  The fact is that if the trades were in mint condition- the clients would be using the furniture rather than throwing it out in the barn or garage.  When looking at furniture didn’t the appraisal- I’m interested in unique lines and character along with stability.  If the piece is unstable- I’m not interested as broken furniture that also needs to be stripped, stained and upholstered is a very expensive endeavor.  Rarely will I “jump in” on a trade that does not fit the minimum criteria of being in one piece as it is simply too expensive and cost prohibitive.  

Wendy Wortham Design For Texad Twins Treasures Duncan Phife

The unique sofa above was half upholstered with torn and stained floral fabric with a broken leg.  It would take me three months and over $865.00 in fabric and labor to bring the original beauty back in order to sell this unique and quality crafted item. 

Wendy Wortham Designer Texas Twins Treasures Crocodile Upholstered Victorian Office Chair

  Using an old rug of crocodile found at an estate sale, I brought the unique beauty of this chair back to life while adding a bit of masculinity as my husband decided to keep this piece for his office.  I never know what I’m going to use until it “hits me.”

Wendy Wortham Designer Texas Twins Treasures Pair of Antique Queen Ann Accent Chairs

This unique pair of chairs were upholstered in a garish yellow vinyl when I took them in trade.  Stripping and staining while throwing various fabrics over the furniture is how I choose the welt, the band and the overall fabric schematic based on what fabrics I have on hand.  
This chair was so large that it took 10 yards of tapestry to reupholstered the chair and ottoman set.   Very large pieces often sell quickly as they are quite difficult to find.  Taller people are seeking wide and deep furnishings that simply aren’t available at a “big box” store.  
This unique set of chairs had stunning front legs that grabbed my attention.  Using heavy draperies purchased at an estate sale several years ago- the darker stain and fabric gave this set of chairs unique character and a “pow” factor.  
After waiting several months to find the perfect pairing of fabrics- I decided to use my favorite mix of hand loomed silk chenille and add a contrast welt of silk to separate the various fabric mixes.  
This chair and a half was a bit of a challenge for me die to the dimensions and I wanted feather toss pillows to “pull it all together” which finally worked out with less than 1/4 of fabric left over.  Running out of fabric is truly a disaster and planning ahead is very important in the refurbishing process. 

Wendy Wortham Former Brand Ambassador for Proctor & Gamble “Striking a Pose” with my Duracell Display at Sam’s Club

Promoting products we’ve taken in trade takes time and often an investment in order to “flip” the item.  The Pawning Process is a much slower version to my sisters “Favorite Quick Flip” that normally involves jewelry or couture clothing or sunglasses.  Cindy Daniel terms the quick flip as “Hitting a Lick!” 

Cindy Daniel Design Diva of CD Designs and The Pawning Planners

My Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Treasures Team is compromised of my multigenerational family who each bring their own unique “skill set” in both the Pawning Process as well as our low cost weddings and event services.

Wendy M Wortham We take trades for wedding and event services The Pawning Planners!