WorthamWorld-The Christmas Wedding In My Home…Wendy Wortham on Elopement Packages  

Home sick and checking my email, I came across an interesting request regarding a Christmas Wedding in November at WorthamWorld from a terminally ill father who had one last wish to see his daughter wed before “going home to see my wife again” his time was short and worried that he wouldn’t live long enough for Christmas (a holiday that he has always treasured), he got on the Internet and searched Dream Weddings and Events and came across my posting last year of the Cotina Couple who had the elopment package that includes cake and champagne, ceremony and complimentary photos for $275.  Gazing at photos of my home from my Pinterest Board WorthamWorld, he fell in love with my funky and unique residence and home office. 

Christmas Elopement at WorthamWorld


Floral Designs on Loan Texas Twins Treasures


Christmas in November at WorthamWorld

Although struggling with an upper respiratory infection, I replied that no request is either too odd or strange and his story brought tears to my eyes and of course I would accommodate his request with 48 hours notice- I quickly drug out my Christmas decorations and “got to work!”  Transforming my previously fall decorated home into a Christmas Wonderland for this kindly man and his family.

I’ve often been asked what the “weirdest trade” we’ve taken was or the “strangest event.”  The thing is that I don’t view any request as either strange or out of the ordinary- if it’s important to the client- it’s important to me.  No request is too big or too small, we do them all!

The oddest trade? This could turn into a very long list quickly ya all!  The houseful of cats that wanted us to liquidate the property entirely which included the cats.  An old international truck that had been abandoned for years and didn’t belong to the client but, “it’s been there for years! If it belonged to someone wouldn’t they have done something by now?”

Yes, there have been a few “surprises” that included a horse giving away a Bride and a dog leading the procession but, Dream Events are the Dream of the client and however “unique and creative” they decided to do it- my Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners is on board to make their dream a reality!

For a list of our services, please visit Texas Twins Events Weddings & Ceremonies if you can’t afford the low cost options listed, please use the contact us link at my sister site Pawning Planners Trading For Services and submit your request along with your trade. Please remember that we cannot take livestock or vehicles that are not in running condition as we have nowhere to House livestock and no mechanic to refurbish vehicles.

Wendy M Wortham