Willow Lake Event Center- One Of Our Favorite Venues…

Last night I drove my twin sister and Little Pawners to Willow Lake for a wedding rehearsal (the wedding is Saturday).  Many of my clients request a rehearsal to feel more comfortable about placement and procession at the actual event. 

My Saucy Sidekick Cindy Daniel And Me In The Gazebo At Willow Lake


Explaining The Ceremony


Set Up For The Wedding

Going into our first month of weight loss, running from one event to another has found us (yet again) at the drive through window.  Trying to stay on track and lose weight with my schedule isn’t easy. This morning I had backtracked by gaining a pound back and I’m certain it was the delicious Orange Julius I ordered at Dairy Queen last night.  

Our video diary documents the pros and cons of “losing weight naturally by sheer willpower” for my sister and I and at 50, it isn’t easy thanks to menopause and thyroid issues but we are in it to win it and continue to hit the gym-Cindy and Wendy On Location.

Making “healthy choices” at Walmart with our Mini Me twins who wanted Halloween candy brought up a debate.  Cindy doesn’t want treats around the house tempting her into making bad choices. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Our “Little Pawners”

Ironically, Maryssa and Makenna are 10 lbs apart just as my sister and I are.  Tonight they will be attending their very first homecoming and probably “slipping” off their diets.  Both of the twins want to lose 10 lbs for our first visit to Twinsburg next August for the twin festival we’ve yet to attend.

Being “on the run” often interfering with my weight loss goals so I’ve decided to pack snacks and water when I’m traveling to events and meeting clients for The Pawning Planners at Appraisal Appointments.

Cindy needs a little nudge now and then since she loves pumpkin spice lattes and holiday food but continues to trudge on in our goals for This Time Next Year with her sense of humor and a few #Cindyisms-Meet My GingerTwin Cindy Daniel.

While it’s true that Cindy “is the funny one” and I’m the “serious one,” we spend a lot of time together and her humor often lightens the stress on location when something goes wrong and I lose it. Striving for perfection is important to me but often inlaws and outlaws or even something totally unexpected (The Broken Tooth Bride, The Banjo Playing Boyfriend, or a bloody nose, bee sting, slip and fall or sneezing attack) can occur surprising everyone including me. 

Wendy Wortham On Location With My Daughter In Law Stephanie Hafele

Being “bossy” is required of me when trying to keep everyone on time and, in place.  Someone has to be the leader and when coordinating an event or appraising a trade, it’s me because I write the checks around here ya all.  Operating Texas Twins Treasures, Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners isn’t free or cheap.  I have film developing expenses, website expenses, and travel expenses to cover for my team which means I have to carefully appraise a trade submitted to The Pawning Planners and quickly decide whether or not I can make a profit by refurbishing the item and selling it to recover expenses. 

Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Process Involves Hard Work To Make A Texas Twins Treasure Attractive To Buyers

Flipping items takes time and elbow grease along with the expense of paint, stain and fabric.  When appraising a trade, I must evaluate my expenses prior to “making a deal.”  It will take time and money to get items ready and this set was actually repainted black after I decided that the brown didn’t look right- I’m very picky and OCD about anything I offer for sale.  If I don’t think it’s perfect, I will start over and can’t be satisfied until I believe it is.

Going from a park to an elaborate venue?  We do it all the time ya all.  My client base is a “melting pot” of folks who can afford to pay far more than my low cost options at Texas Twins Events while others have no money to pay either myself or my staff and especially a venue-We Use Parks Because They Are Free For Pawning Planner Clients.

While it’s true that my family can be fairly entertaining on our own, our clients can occasionally be surprising too.  Yesterday while explaining that I hope it won’t be raining Saturday, I advised the clients to have a Plan B in place.

My entire family commit to making Dream Event’s a reality for Pawning Planners clients who often have no friends or family to help them “pull it all together” but, it almost always takes a village and my family are the village-Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners.

Rain has often ruined my carefully planned execution of a wedding and last year had me and my team scrambling to find a build which led us to Rudy Smedley’s Karate Studio where my entire family helped me transform it into a wedding venue in three hours-Dream Events & The Art Of Barter With The Pawning Planners!

Since I can’t control the weather or someone tripping at a wedding or any of the many other unexpected “incidents” we plan and prepare by bringing an emergency kit of tricks to weddings.  You will never know by looking at the wedding photos all of the things that went wrong along the way- the reason is that my team and I fixed problems from missing bouquets and boutenniers to a drunk guest or even a barfing bride who had her bachelorette party the night before the wedding!

Turning trash into Treasure for my Texas Twins storefront isn’t as easy as it may sound because occasionally- we don’t #Cindyism “hit a lick!”  Occasionally, I personally sponsor an event when no trade or money exists for “bum run” appraisal appointments.

Loaning inventory sets me apart from any other wedding officiant or coordinator.  My reasons for creating an inventory were many but mainly due to the financial issues that Pawning Planners faced.  In order to “bridge the gap” I often loan the bouquets and bouteniers, the cake stand and serving set, the columns and occasionally, the wedding dress too-Wendy Wortham A Unique & Creative Wedding Vendor Explains.

As I prepare for a cake and champagne wedding in my home today at 2, I’m always amazed at the number of clients who love my funky and eclectic home filled with Texas Twins Treasures and have to run off into yet another adventure with my twin sister Cindy and assistant (my stepdaughter Ann) by getting everything ready but staying busy off season has never been an issue for me since there’s always a project or event going on around here…

Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Planners