The Pawning Planners Give Our Opinions On Pokemon Go & Other Top Topics…

This latest new trend app has everyone running everywhere to find Pokemon at various locations.  But law enforcement officers warn that the GPS in the game allows others to know where you are and therefore creates safety concerns. Yesterday while Skyping with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel, we were asked our opinions about the hottest … [Read more…]

Back To School- Twin Laws For Multiples In Texas Give Parents “The Right To Choose”

As children, my twin sister and I were separated in schools because administrators thought it was a good idea.  The truth was that separation in school caused me to develop a chronic stutter that would stay with me for years.  Speech therapy finally accomplished the difficult task of overcoming my speech disability. Fighting for the … [Read more…]

Customers, Complaints & Concerns?  Dealing With Demanding Diva’s…

Bending over backwards to accommodate clients who booked you months ago for a wedding ceremony that changes to a wedding and rehearsal after the agreement has happened more than once to me.  You see a wedding ceremony fee is $75-125.00 based on distance.  However, a wedding ceremony and a rehearsal are $125-175.00 based on the … [Read more…]

Why Social Media Is “Tit For Tat” There Is No “Easy Button!” 

So, you’ve set up a Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, or Pinterest account but you have no followers.  How do you get dedicated followers?  You earn EM. Why everyone thinks that others are going to promote them is beyond me.  Unless you’re a superstar, no one is going retweet, repin, like or share your posts. Branding … [Read more…]

The Pawning Planners- How We Made It As A TwinTeam…

A lot of folks have heard me say “I’ve been poor and that’s why I understand clients who have no money and their needs.”  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel has been poor too.  When I say poor I mean dead broke.  Broke enough to sell our furniture and sit on the floor to buy food. … [Read more…]

“Don’t Pay For A Singer & Expect A Choir” #Cindyism My Ginger Twin…

This morning, I reviewed an email regarding a wedding quote that I had submitted through Gig Salad a few weeks ago that has now been changed to June 12 and requesting “complimentary photography.”  First off- loaned floral designs that I’ve paid for and made to loan folks has been an issue for clients who book … [Read more…]

Crazy & Unexpected- Hilarious Wedding Moments With The Pawning Planners…

We call them the “Wedding Wild Card Moments” because often at our events something unexpected happens.  Recently, I was asked to describe my thoughts at the time of how I overcome a “problem” on location so, today we will revisit the Wedding Heckler, the Woeful Wedding Bouquet, Attack of the Arbor, the Meddling Mother, Bounced … [Read more…]

The “Wild Card” Wedding Officiant vs Wedding Coordinator…Travels Of The Texas Twins

Yesterday evening, I traveled to Villagio Resorts to meet my client Macy Reeve for her wedding ceremony.  After 5 years of officiating weddings, LBGT unions, baptisms and funerals as well as planning Pawning Parties (rent parties) estate Liquidations, birthday parties, anniversaries and everything in between- I’ve “worked with” many event planners and had no issues … [Read more…]

North Texans Buckle Down For A Storm That Didn’t Happen.. 

The last hail storm that swept through Texas was a pretty horrific event for families who still don’t have glass for their cars.  My home aka WorthamWorld was hammered badly enough to need a new roof with both of our cars getting over 6k in hail dents.     Texas weather is often unpredictable for North … [Read more…]