Customers, Complaints & Concerns?  Dealing With Demanding Diva’s…

Bending over backwards to accommodate clients who booked you months ago for a wedding ceremony that changes to a wedding and rehearsal after the agreement has happened more than once to me.  You see a wedding ceremony fee is $75-125.00 based on distance.  However, a wedding ceremony and a rehearsal are $125-175.00 based on the distance.

September is jam packed for weddings and rehearsals since August is far too hot in Texas for weddings.  My season slows to a crawl between July and August based on the weather which is why I’m attending auctions with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel to add items to our Texas Twins Treasures inventory.  

The items sold at Texas Twins Treasures fund clients with no money to book through Texas Twins Events and no trade to book through The Pawning Planners.

I’ve decided to go back to school and attain my real estate license in order to move The Pawning Planners into the real estate industry and my schedule is quite full.

The client who had initially booked a wedding in September requested a client meeting three months ago which I attended and provided a contract.  

Three weeks later, the client added a rehearsal and two months later, a request to meet again and discuss incorporating their daughter into the wedding ceremony.

We both agreed to meet today midway between their location and my own in Burleson, Texas.  I sent a text requesting the address that I was to meet them at yesterday morning at 8:30AM.  No response was sent so this morning I sent another text requesting the address since we were to meet at 11AM.  It is now 10AM and trying to get the information necessary to meet them has disrupted my entire morning.

I’ve had a few “demanding diva’s” over the past nearly 6 years who added and added after signing the contract and agreeing on the terms.  These types of clients are never happy and continue to make ridiculous demands because they think they have you “under their thumb.”

Recognizing when to cut a client loose isn’t easy but even I have limits.  Last year we had the drama filled 6 month window of a bride who continued to text, email, call and actually show up unannounced at my home to discuss her wedding never once taking into consideration my schedule and other clients.

What was my first mistake?  Not requiring a contract and a deposit!  We went from my officiating the wedding to a wedding rehearsal, providing burlap tablecloths, five hours of photography, loaning items out of my home and buying more items to appease this preposterous punk.  

The end result?  Not only was I not paid- my photography team wasn’t paid either and we spent the entire Mother’s Day wiping off chairs, setting the tables, taking the photos and setting up items she had seen in my home that she just “had to have!”

Working with the public requires working with a few people who think the client is always right and, they aren’t.  When you are providing a service, you are providing a service and that “service” needs to be clearly outlined.

I’ve been selling for over 30 years and very successful because I understand what the client wants, the price they want to pay and how to “meet in the middle.”

When I started a wedding and events business, I was basically selling myself and my services.  Changing the wedding and events industry one barter at a time has never been easy- it’s been hard work and often dealing with a few hard asses.

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel comes up with some of her best material on location.  Pawning Planners Apparel is based on my saucy sidekicks redneckgranny quotes aka #Cindyism.  Her “sayings” are often self explanatory.


Winning a clients business for me was easy prior to Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures and The Pawning Planners.  Why?  Because selling Cadillacs, Furs, Jewelry & Upscale Home Furnishings brought me a client base who knew the quality of what they were buying and more importantly understood the Priceline!

When you are “selling” your services at a discount, (Texas Twins Events services are priced far below our competitors) you don’t always get the cream of the crop client.  Quite the opposite has occured on 5 occasions out of 500 event services so the odds are actually in my favor but, it’s the bad apples that make you miserable for the months leading up to their event.

We’ve had the “Big Mouthed Bridesmaid” and “The Tardy Party Bride” along with “The Banjo Playing Boyfriend” and “The Bouncing Check Broken Toothed Bride” along with “The Phony Police Officer Discount Fiasco.”

Why would anyone pretend to be a police officer?  To get a deeper discount on already reduced price structures at Texas Twins Events.  When you request a military or police discount, I request proof upon arriving at your event.

Creating customized ceremonies isn’t a problem, I do it all the time but continuing to meet with existing clients who refuse to read blogs that specifically address their concerns has me running here there and everywhere when I have other clients and responsibilities to address.

As I run off to meet these clients who finally gave me an address, it becomes clear that some clients either don’t think you have other things on your plate to address or, simply don’t care…

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