NASCAR At Texas Motor Speedway With My Family…

If you’ve never been to a NASCAR event and assume that the fans or either rednecks or hillbillies- you’re wrong!  These are some of the most polite people you will ever meet and God fearing Americans who take off their hats and cover their hearts when the Pledge of Allegiance plays no matter where they … [Read more…]

Texas Twins Events Team Family Fun Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo…

Every year Fort Worth draws record crowds at the Will Rogers Colliseum for a month long event for the Stock Show and every year my Texas Twins Events Team hit the midway for delicious Fletcher’s corn dogs and fun!   Makenna Marie Mahaney, one of our Little Pawners struggles with asthma and allergies and was unable … [Read more…]

Keeping the”Sizzle” in Your Marriage Isn’t Easy…”Why Working On It” Keeps Marriages Strong

Last week I took a call from a couple whom I had married three years ago regarding marriage counseling.  Apparently they were considering a divorce due to stepchildren and a stale, predictable life they were both unhappy with.  Marriage is a partnership of good, bad and boring!  Keeping things “fresh” isn’t easy but, if both … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel- Families and Friends- Travels of the Texas Twins…

Cindy Daniel and I are identical twins with compensating personalities.  We were not born with silver spoons and we’ve spent our lives working and raising our children as a “team.”  Our happiness would be found later in life with the friends who became our family.  Weddings are a “Life Event” because they are only expected … [Read more…]

A “Cool” Meme? Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel “Work It”

A weekend slumber party with our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney was filled with activities that left this “Go Go Granny” gasping for a breather.  After officiating the Bowman Wedding, I arrived back home to get the twins ready for bed and read them a story about a talking and time traveling horse.  My … [Read more…]