Texas Twins Events Team Family Fun Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo…

Every year Fort Worth draws record crowds at the Will Rogers Colliseum for a month long event for the Stock Show and every year my Texas Twins Events Team hit the midway for delicious Fletcher’s corn dogs and fun! 

 Makenna Marie Mahaney, one of our Little Pawners struggles with asthma and allergies and was unable to sit through the entire rodeo due to dust but loves the “sucker games” found at the midway more than the rides.  It was a frigid evening for these Texas Twins following her around while she won goldfish at four various carnie stands. 

 Makenna and Samantha Leggett didn’t seem to mind the cold weather as my saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel followed me with Tammi Leggett in search of a building to block the winds.  Maryssa Mahaney watched the entire rodeo inside with my niece Leigh Ann Blais and our latest Little Pawner Madyson “Maddy” Blais. 

With millions of dollars in prize money- these bull riders take this event very seriously while throwing in some fun for the crowd by jumbotronning the visitors.  My niece was on the Jumbotron twice and didn’t even notice lol. 

Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners


Leigh Ann Blais and Wendy Wortham


Madyson Blais and Cindy Daniel

Organizing my family into two suv’s and getting anywhere on time is always an escapade in futility but, we somehow made it on time leaving Tammy’s house because I (as usual) orchestrated everyone early.  

The midway can be a fairly expensive endeavor for families but as luck would have it- the cold temperatures kept the rest of my family inside and away from the rides!

Family events are always an adventure for me because keeping everyone happy and occupied isn’t always as “easy” as it may sound but, the challenge is less stressful when I have my twin pulling up the ropes and helping out which is why we are a TwinTeam.

Tammy Leggett had box seats which also provided preferred parking and with this crew we needed all the help we could get with the kids running from one vendor to the next in search of the perfect souveniers!

Makenna and Maryssa finally settled on clacker balls and stuffed horses with Dippin Dots but spent an hour making their “careful selection.”

My husband Matthew loved the rodeo as a child but due to allergies can no longer attend.  He spent some time explaining the importance of being on time in order to see the entire show and also explained that missing part of it is like missing half of a movie. 

Matthew Wortham on the midway with Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney 2014

You see, getting to events on time is never an issue because I make sure we leave 2 hours early but, family events and recreation are another matter altogether since no one “feels” it’s necessary to be on time except me.

Movies are always an adventure because even if we make it to the theater on time- someone is goofing off at the concession stand!

But, making memories with your family is an important element for young children because they will remember the fun and occasionally even the drama of getting there. 

Makenna Mahaney, Cindy Daniel and Samantha Leggett

My niece Leigh Ann and her daughter “Maddy” will be leaving Texas this week to meet her husband Alex at Camp Magoo in California.  It is with a heavy heart that my sister and I will be saying goodbye to Maddy who has brought much joy to our lives while Leigh Ann has been home this past year awaiting Alex being stationed at a new base.

My twin sister and I will be missing this animated little lady deeply and most likely planning a road trip to go and visit. 

Madyson Elizabeth Blais

These past three months of having a new grand baby for Cindy and I have brought many laughs and too much shopping for cute baby clothes ya all.  But, Cindy’s daughter Stephaney Mahaney will be joining Leigh Ann and Maddy on this road trip from Texas to California and the time together for these sisters on a journey will be a fun excursion. 

Stephaney Mahaney

Cindy and I took hundreds of road trips from Texas to San Clemente years ago when I was living in Orange County and always had loads of fun.  Traveling with my twin was always an adventure we cherished and still do. 

Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel

It was just last year that we drove from Beverly Hills to Fort Worth and laughed nearly all the way together.  Road trips can be fun and stopping at every truck stop is always our favorite “must see” excursion on a trip. 

Little Pawners Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney

Although Maryssa and Makenna would love to go on this trip, they both have school and with all the things my niece has purchased since Maddy’s birth- we aren’t sure how there will be room for Stephaney, Leigh Ann and Maddy in her four door VW Jetta.  Most likely, many things will be left behind as Alex packs up their house back in Seattle for the Navy to transport everything to Camp Magoo. 

Leigh Ann Blais, Cindy Daniel and Alex Blais

My niece has never really lived away from Cindy and I.  As the oldest child between us- she waited until she had married Alex to move away and, returned after six months in Seattle pregnant with Maddy and a one way ticket to Texas.  This revelation shocked my sister and I but my niece couldn’t handle the cold and rainy weather that had left her depressed and homesick for the family she left behind.  Thinking she wouldn’t miss my meddling sister and I- she was wrong and even now is melancholy regarding moving to California.  Cindy and I would LOVE to move to Cali back to where we grew up by the sand and the sea!  We miss Cali everyday and jump on a plane whenever possible to return to our favorite state. 

Cindy Daniel, Tammy Leggett and Wendy Wortham

Our best friend, Tammy called me yesterday and suggested a road trip for Cindy and I with her to Cali to go visit Leigh Ann and Maddy and (as usual) I said “you bet we are never too old for an adventure!”

While the rodeo and upcoming birthday on Monday for Leigh Ann will be her “last memories” of my outgoing and spirited family, you can rest assured that we will be making new ones as wedding season kicks off and my calendar fills up with new events, new friends and our latest Travels of the Texas Twins Team…

Wendy M Wortham The Pawning Planners!