Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel- Families and Friends- Travels of the Texas Twins…

Cindy Daniel and I are identical twins with compensating personalities.  We were not born with silver spoons and we’ve spent our lives working and raising our children as a “team.”  Our happiness would be found later in life with the friends who became our family.  Weddings are a “Life Event” because they are only expected to happen once.  The many new friends we’ve met these past 5 years have enriched our own lives and taught our children compassion.

Stephanie & Robert Hafele with Wendy Wortham

Travels of the Texas Twins is based on my life along with my twin sister and are struggle to survive as single parents who later decide to create a twin business based on giving back to others with the gift of a Dream Event.  The sometimes funny adventures are milestones for two sets of twins learning the wedding and events industry as a team with our older children and a few close friends helping us alone the way.

Families today have modern dynamics that no longer meet the traditional role of a family for a very good reason- the traditional family was a farce.  That’s right it was a fake design of a mother cooking, a father working and happy children playing behind a white picket fence.  None of the above related to my childhood and most likely yours either. 

Wrap Party Good Clean Fun Productions “Pawning Planners” @ WorthamWorld

Sometimes in life your friends become your family and it is with them that you feel comfortable, at ease, unguarded and loved.  Growing up without the benefit of a mother was difficult and painful I have two women in my life that I have called Mom for as long as I can recall.  Why? Because these two women posses a “mothering instinct” that has enriched my life.  Virginia Malone and Shirley Dickson are role models that have given not only myself but our children unconditional love. 

Shirley Dickson James Dickson Wendy Wortham Gordon, Texas

You see, pictures don’t lie and at every event and family function, my fave paints a picture of happiness and fun.  When Hollywood came knocking at my door regarding a reality based show about both my business and my family they wanted to know about my childhood which is something that I rarely discuss but did on video at Good Clean Fun Studios in Los Angeles, California.  The Story of Why I Started Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners you see, my father was offended that I had made a reference as to why I created a business based on families who had no one to help them plan or funding to pay for their “Life Event.”  Cindy and I had no one to help with our marriages either we had no mother or father to “foot the bill” or happily help us plan a wedding. 

The Pawning Planners & The Little Pawners

Cindy Daniel and I effectively became the parents we never had to hundreds of families by my creating a low cost business first Texas Twins Events a Full Service Wedding & Event Company offered anything and everything from a wedding officiant and funeral clergy to floral designs and photography at well below market costs to address the needs of a disappearing middle class. 

Cindy Daniel Wendy Wortham Kristen Webley Kjerstin Johnson Hollywood, California

I never realized that my own story was either unique or even creative but, I knew there were people that I could help and my son, sister, nieces and grandnieces all “pitched in” to help me by offering their own talents to our “team.” 

The Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team

The Little Pawners have been raised by my twin, Cindy Daniel without the benefit of child support or a father present in their lives.  My husband, Matthew Wortham and my sisters husband, Steve Daniel have been the male role models present since their birth. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

These tiny Texas Twins aka Little Pawners twins are always smiling and always happy because they had something throughout their childhood that Cindy and I did not- a family committed to their needs and emotional security and that “family” consisted of my sister and myself There were no great grandparents to help us raise these children. There was myself and my sister and our husbands committed on sacrificing to give everything we had to raising these little angels.

Cindy Daniel with Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

You see, these twins were perfectly dressed at all times at great expense to both my sister and I with no one else in our “family” either helping financially or contributing with care of them while my sister and I worked to earn a living. 

Wendy Wortham and Robert Hafele

I raised my son alone as a single mother after divorcing my first husband due to family violence- I ran from domestic abuse and I struggled both financially and emotionally to raise my son with love. 

Leigh Ann Blais with Maryssa Mahaney

 My twin sister helped me by picking him up from school and babysitting while I was at work- we raised ALL of our children as a team with no help from my father or my grandparents. 

Wendy Wortham and Matthew Wortham

My husband Matthew Wortham has never interfered with my close ties to either my sister, my son, my nieces or my grandnieces because like me, he had a lonely childhood. 

Stephaney Mahaney with Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

 As an adult, I created a business to bring others joy regardless of their income.  Why? Because I’ve been poor, I’ve struggled and I understand their plight. 


Many of these families did not meet the Norman Rockwell version of “traditional.”  I didn’t care, for me “love is love” and regardless of whether these families were a man and a woman, two women or two men they were families and deserved the benefit of a beautiful ceremony. We love all of our clients regardless of their lifestyles!

Cindy Daniel a physically disabled Super Meme

My twin sister Cindy Daniel was in a horrific car accident twenty years ago and carries 12 lbs of aluminum alloy fusing her spine but took on raising the twins and working without complaint.  Cindy played the cards life dealt her and even if it was a difficult and draining life, she carried on with me by her side.  Other than our current husbands, there were no wonderful gifts from the invisible great grandparents or fun trips to the zoo or the park.  My twin and I ALONE have raised all of our children as divorced and single parents so for anyone to want me to paint a picture of lies, it should he noted that I’m above such ridiculous Bullshit!  I tell it as it is and my journey has been a difficult and painful path with very few close friends and family standing behind me and supporting my decisions, my goals and my dreams. 

Wendy Wortham and Cynthia Dickson

I have cousins and my Aunt Shirley who have welcomed my twin sister and I with open arms when we travel to Gordon to spend time with them but other than my family in Gordon, our children and our husbands very few “family” members that either my sister or myself spend time with.  Instead, we have replaced our invisible family with friends! Previous clients often volunteer and join the Texas Twins Team upon realizing and recognizing what we do for others.  There are very few folks out there who care as much about the stories behind the families but, I am one of them!  Whatever it takes, my team will do whatever we can to make that wish come true.

Tammi Leggett Wendy Wortham and Angela Rodden

 For years I have tried to gain acceptance from my “family” and at 50 years old, I have given up the idea of a Norman Rockwell family.  It isn’t going to happen now or ever for me and perhaps God realized this when he gifted me with a twin.  Being a twin was the greatest gift that could have happened to me.  When I fell down, she picked me up and when she was down, I picked her up. 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham

 Together we have put our painful past behind us and moved on.  Together and along with our children we have performed hundreds of dream events and given families a joyous event that we’ve never enjoyed ourselves and together, we have raised happy and well adjusted children.  I don’t need to create a fake “happy childhood” anymore as I did as a child to prevent bullying, I’m perfectly okay with the truth and while the truth may have hurt me- I never allowed it to define me or make me bitter for all the families that happily buy sappy and loving cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  I simply don’t go down the card aisle and am thankful for all the children who enjoyed a wonderful childhood and feel blessed to have given all of our children and grandchildren the gift of love that we never knew. Changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth?  You bet!  We take trades and we want to hear your unique story- we are the Pawning Planners and we have a story to tell that finally has a “happy ending” we worked hard to overcome many things but, we never gave up and we never gave in.  Love for our children and families has taught us that the gift of a beautiful event for the families we help ispriceless and creates a chain of compassion.  

The childhood I might have wished to have had years ago was far from perfect but the challenges that I’ve faced have taught me resilience and giving our children the parents we never had is the legacy that will live on long after I’m gone.

 Wendy Wortham