A “Cool” Meme? Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel “Work It”

A weekend slumber party with our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney was filled with activities that left this “Go Go Granny” gasping for a breather.  After officiating the Bowman Wedding, I arrived back home to get the twins ready for bed and read them a story about a talking and time traveling horse.  My … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham- The Show Must Go On Around Here & It Does…

Texas weather continues to be an issue at outdoor events and it’s one that doesn’t bother myself or my team because we are accustomed to it and a little rain, sleet or hail is part of the business.  You see, much like a mailman- we don’t reschedule due to weather unless the client chooses to. … [Read more…]

Fort Worth Friendly Pride Parade TCGPWA October 3, 2015

 Choosing costumes for the parade this year, my saucy sidekick twin sister, Cindy Daniel decided we would wear twin outfits. Wendy Wortham TCGPWA with Texas Twins Events I’m planning to get video of the parade for the association to upload to their website. For several years, my team and I have supported our many friends in … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham- Backtracking, Bickering & Battles? Road Trips & Rest Areas…Travels of Two Sets of Texas Twins

Packing for a trip with my family is like pulling teeth around here because everyone has their own agenda ya all.  It is well known that I hate to backtrack because someone forgot something.  My husband is always telling me that my “vision” of the perfect holiday, the perfect family trip or the perfect anything … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham- Twins- When Two Halves Make A Whole By Blending Creative Talents of Your Counterpart…

Luckilly, whatever one of us isn’t good at- the other twin is!  Recently, Cindy and I took our tiny Texas Twins aka The Little Pawners, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney to Six Flags and when Maryssa couldn’t make the basket- Makenna did for her.  Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney YouTube saving the day in a twinning way.  Maryssa … [Read more…]

Wendy Wortham- Trinity Park Dream Event With Cindy Daniel & My Texas Twins Events Team…

My hilarious sidekick, Cindy Daniel can often be found laughing at my serious nature on our adventures.   Cindy has a redneck reality twist on everything that goes wrong on our adventures to find a “swap, flip or trade” in exchange for our services and spends her time at weddings and events visiting with guests and … [Read more…]