Wendy Wortham- Trinity Park Dream Event With Cindy Daniel & My Texas Twins Events Team…

My hilarious sidekick, Cindy Daniel can often be found laughing at my serious nature on our adventures. 

Cindy Daniel Creator of #Cindyism

 Cindy has a redneck reality twist on everything that goes wrong on our adventures to find a “swap, flip or trade” in exchange for our services and spends her time at weddings and events visiting with guests and entertaining them because let’s face it, she’s really funny and her Texas humor can “lighten up” most drama filled events. 

The Pawning Process at WorthamWorld

 When I’m asked why I would be interested in becoming involved in a reality show about my business and my family the answer is more complex than you might think.  You see, the opportunity to generate income and help my family financially while promoting my business is for me like winning the lottery! 

Wendy Wortham WorthamWorld

Lisa and Terry Williams came to me to discuss why they wanted a Dream Event and although they had no money, my twin sister was instantly interested in what they had to trade because Cindy is a scavenger that loves to dig through our clients stuff in search of a “quick flip.” 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham

We are usually in my SUV although we have two because I like to drive and have been called everything from the “fearless leader” to the “bossy twin” by my family.  Why? Because I write the checks around here and created two very diverse businesses to give anyone regardless of their income the possibility of a Dream Event even when they don’t have any money. 

Reverend Wendy Wortham

 You would be shocked at the number of families who contact me that not only can’t afford a Minister fee but also don’t have the disposable income for floral designs, photography and more.  I’m not because I’ve been giving the gift of a Dream Event for four years from Fort Worth and hope to one day open a storefront for my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory of refurbished items that I sell to recover the costs of a Dream Event.  

Pawning Planners events are based on trades for services while low cost events are often arranged through my sister site Texas Twins Events with everything from wedding officiant to wedding coordinating, flower girls for hire (Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney), photography (Robert and Stephanie Hafele) birthday parties, family reunions, baptism, baby naming, house blessings, funeral clergy services and more.

I often loan my floral designs, chalkboards, columns, serving sets, crystal, centerpieces, bouquets and boutenniers to families who have no funding to purchase these luxury items for their event. Whatever it takes to “achieve” the desired result, I’ve either made with my team or created and acquired on my own.

Reverend Wendy Wortham

 You might assume that creating diverse businesses based on families rather than income might sound out of the ordinary and, you would be right of course.  When my son, Robert Hafele describes my businesses he uses terms that often don’t have me sounding like a saavy entrepreneur but more like a “fairy Godmother” to the strangers we meet along our journey. 

Robert Hafele Makenna Mahaney Maryssa Mahaney Stephanie Hafele

 While it would be a wonderful blessing to be able to “turn a profit” one day, a reality television show would truly be a Godsend to my family and I while giving us the ability to help even more families which is why my entire family is “on board” with the concept. 

Wrapping Filming Pawning Planners

 Changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas is a family affair with my team of often conflicting personality family members who have “their own version” of completing a task or overcoming the occasional unforeseen disaster.

As we prepare for the Fort Worth PrIde Parade on October 3, 2015, my family is already “throwing their two cents in” regarding our attire and as usual, I will be going over who will be over with the Rainbow Lounge Group or in our marching entry for Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners while try to keep everyone on time and organized for our hear adventure since leaving WorthamWorld often involves a “countdown” in order to arrive on time around here! 

Cindy Daniel Makenna Mahaney Maryssa Mahaney Wendy Wortham

 We have a new banner this year and our Little Pawners are very excited to be joining the parade and wearing costumes for the first parade since legalizing same sex marriage in Texas. 

Wendy Wortham

 I’ve been asked why my client base is so diverse and the best answer is that a large percentage of my clients are either ethnic or LBGTQ based on my involvement with the community activities and my volunteer efforts.  

I believe “love is love” and while we cater to many diverse ethnic groups as well and offer translation when needed (Stephaney Mahaney) my client base is mostly compromised of a very small percentage of Caucasian couples due to income. If you have thousands of dollars to spend you aren’t the client base for either of my businesses because my goal is to address the “forgotten folks” who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend.

Lisa Williams Dream Event

You see, many middle class couples can easily afford the $5k and up expense of a wedding while my clients canno- which is why I term our event services “Dream Events.”  Most of our families have less than $200 to spend on an event and because of this need our help to “put it all together and pull it off!” 

Martinez Dream Event

We aren’t “marketing” the high income group of consumers.  In fact, the adventures of our team are often comical because we operate a shoestring budget but “get the job done!”  Creativity and Comedy? You bet, they don’t call us the Pawning Planners because we are rich, we are doing what we can to give the gift of hope for families that no one else would help.  These are the families who call my team “Hometown Heroes” because I listened to their stories and found a way to give them something that no one else would.  I am the person I’ve never met and committed to overcoming the adversity many families who struggle to afford a dinner out much less a vacation or “over the top” ceremony could ever fathom, the reality is that most families aren’t rich and they struggle to pay their bills everyday.  These are the families who come to us with hope in their hearts that we will give them the gift of memories and Dream Event.

Wendy M Wortham