Wendy Wortham- Backtracking, Bickering & Battles? Road Trips & Rest Areas…Travels of Two Sets of Texas Twins

Packing for a trip with my family is like pulling teeth around here because everyone has their own agenda ya all.  It is well known that I hate to backtrack because someone forgot something.  My husband is always telling me that my “vision” of the perfect holiday, the perfect family trip or the perfect anything around here is unrealistic. 

Tammi Leggett Wendy Wortham Stephanie Hafele Amanda Rose Samantha Leggett

Although I’ve spent a lifetime of trying to get everything perfect, he may be right.  Someone or something will destroy my carefully laid out plan of the perfect road trip.  While having our darling Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna finding the fun in anything related to an “adventure” regardless of the arguing “older kids” level out the stress of road trips and red hot tempers around here. Carefully packing their own “must have items” is taken very seriously by these Little Pawners when preparing for departure at the DanielDivaDiggs. Occasionally, running through an airport can be an embarrassing “incident” Wendy Wortham on the clothing malfunction video details how my twin sister found my flipping and flashing everyone at a Houston airport hilarious! 

Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney

The Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney have their luggage packed 48 hours before departure at the DanielDivaDiggs and are always excited for a new adventure. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

The older children (adults) are a different story altogether!  Robert and Stephanie Hafele along with Stephaney Mahaney “fly by the seat of their pants” around here and often forget something they don’t realize until I’m a minimum of thirty minutes from my home or theirs. Robert is usually the driver in his vehicle and Leigh Ann is normally the driver in her own.  Whenever possible, Cindy rides with me and doesn’t enjoy being the driver or having passengers other than Maryssa and Makenna due to the “seat calling” from the older kids who think they can designate or “save” their place when returning to the vehicle after a stop for gas or dining. 

 Having a list of standard items needed for a trip or event is expected with me for without my lists, there is chaos!  Apparently, I’m the only list maker in the group and also the task taker, ring leader or whip cracker.  

Last year when Leigh Ann and Alex Blais left Weatherford to drive to their new home on base in Washington- these two “lovebirds” argued about everything from the A/C to “watching the road!”  For three days, Cindy and I got phone calls and texts regarding the trip now termed the “Highway to Hell” incident and, they didn’t even have kids in the car! 

Alex and Leigh Ann Blais


Alex and Leigh Ann Blais

Yesterday evening I asked Stephanie Hafele if she was packed and attempted to confirm a “departure time” with her.  No she hadn’t packed “yet” and was uncertain of a departure time.  We will be taking three vehicles on this adventure because no one can commit to the same departure window around here.  

Cindy Daniel Wendy Wortham Maryssa Mahaney & Makenna Mahaney

 The Little Pawners are looking forward to some “fun in the sun” at Lake Whitney and want to get there “before anyone else.”  Family friend, Tammi Leggett is a lot of fun and has two children of her own giving her “insight” on squabbling siblings and arguments over restaurants and radio stations.  You see, parents understand the plight of cramming children together for a quest of fun the adults desire to attain with the kids hollering “I’m bored.”  We all do it because we realize that years from now perhaps our children will look back and remember the sacrifices we made in order to show them a good time- whether they wanted it or not!  Life is an adventure and hopefully, finding a fun way to bond with your children while dealing with the reality of being a family with different ideas and theories of “fun” will give you a funny story about this cousin or uncle that years from now you will laugh about with your family.  One Christmas, my little brother, Jerry Thomas Jr had an amazing gift of a Red Rider BB gun that he quickly loaded and began shooting everything from the farm animals to my cousins with- yes, we ALL remember THAT Christmas!  It’s the unexpected, the unpredictable moments that will always “stand out” in your memory.
 Packing for a trip is perhaps more stressful for me than anyone else around here because I’m the only one concerned about getting somewhere and not having something that is necessary including medication, epiphens, sunscreen, toothbrushes, pajamas, etcetera.

Preparing a vehicle for luggage and family members who most certainly will complain “there isn’t any room back here” takes a certain degree of planning with careful organization and as I rearrange this here and that there, it occurs to me that the “kids” who complain the least are the youngest, Maryssa and Makenna who were so excited about this spontaneous lake house excursion that they barely slept last night.  Most of the Little Pawners photos are either in one of our suv’s or another vehicle because these twins travel well baby!  Keeping everyone laughing with their Twinisms either at an event or on a family trip- even Maryssa and Makenna can occasionally get into a competition with each other! Meet The Little Pawners YouTube watch how Maryssa chimes in that “I’ve been to more weddings than you!”  Makenna fires back with “I’ve been to more movies than you!”  Cracking my sister and I up with the competition on who does what and better. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

 My twin sister, Cindy Daniel arrived at my home last year with a Walmart bag and a black dress for a trip to Beverly Hills and informed me “it’s all I need and it goes with everything!”  Naturally, I selected ten more outfits with accessories for her to ensure that she had appropriate attire for a trip and to give her a window to complain about my choices since comfort is a requirement when it comes to clothing for Cindy.  In fact, she often wears sequin house slippers with her “outfit” and tells me how many compliments she gets everywhere we go regarding her “snazzy shoes.”

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham Beverly Hills CA

 Spending two days packing for a 5 day trip with three different lists to ensure that everyone had appropriate attire with essential accessories for “any occasion” you can imagine my shock that “one dress” was all my sister thought she needed.  Is it me? 

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney with Cindy Daniel LAX

 This morning, Matthew Wortham, my husband told me to “lighten up and have some fun” as I (again) went over my lists.  Everyone knows that it’s often difficult for me to either “lighten up” or, have fun because I’m far too focused on the “details.”

Since we are taking three vehicles, at least I don’t have to be the driver turning back because someone suddenly realizes that they have left something “they can’t live without.”  I’ve got to ask myself that if it was so important- why wasn’t it the first item you packed rather than the item you didn’t bother packing at all? 

Leigh Ann Blais Stephaney Mahaney Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel

 Holidays are another escapade in futility for me since my vision of a Norman Rockwell Christmas has continued to be “just beyond my grasp” for years.  With arguing over Christmas presents among our older children (the twins get identical gifts) about who got the better gift or, I only eat chicken not turkey or, I hate ham where is the turkey?  This Texas Twin has all but given up on family meals at holidays here at WorthamWorld since I now believe that the perfect holiday meal is impossible unless it’s a TV commercial with actors rather than actual family members portraying this “perfect holiday meal.”  You see, holidays at my home are more along the lines of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with me being the Chevy Chase. 

Wendy Wortham Cindy Daniel Maryssa Mahaney Makenna Mahaney

I’m planning to look at this weekends adventure as yet another three ring circus that “as usual” will wind up working out as all of our adventures usually do because at the end of the day, traveling with your family is a stressful endeavor.  Ask anyone that has taken a road trip with children and family members and you will suddenly realize that being alone with them in a vehicle for any length of time isn’t as easy as it looks.  

I pull over and stop often for a very good reason- the arguing over the radio station, the backseat driver who “thinks” they know where you’re going better than you do and the “I don’t like that restaurant” relative can take every bit of patience that you believed you “packed” for the trip in the first place. 

Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney

 Stay calm family trip takers, we are all in this together and there is a very good reason road trips with your family are few and far between- being “caged in” with family members can drive anyone nuts (including the Little Pawners) within the first hour of the trip.  Occasionally, the Tiny Texas Twins “can’t wait” to get out of the SUV with me ya all.  Cindy Daniel is fanatical about getting “fresh coffee” so stopping at truck stops, fast food restaurants and everywhere in between, Cindy can be heard asking “is that coffee fresh?!”

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham at Love’s Truck Stop

 Trying to “lighten up” and look forward to a weekend with my family and friends, I’m planning on packing my Xanax….

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