The Wedding On A Plane- We Love Creative Ideas & Unique Venues! 

When Hannah contacted me regarding a wedding at Carswell AFB a few miles from my home, she mentioned that the ceremony would be on a plane since her fiancée and she had met working in the military. 

Photography By Robert Hafele For Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners

After meeting with Hannah in my home office at WorthamWorld, we discussed ideas for her bouquet and went downstairs to my workroom where I had created a beautiful bouquet with a cascading fall to loan from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory for this wedding.  However, Hannah wanted to create a natural looking bouquet with wood and photos from their courtship so I promised to find items and mail them via priority mail to her home in Austin, Texas.  I found several wooden flowers and sticks along with wood clips and sent them the following Monday. 

Beautiful Bride Hannah Used The Items I Mailed To Her Along With Poems The Couple Had Written To One Another And Added LED Lights To Create A Beautiful Bouquet

  I loved the idea of a wedding on the Tarmac in a cargo plane and over the years, have performed at some pretty unique and out of the way places but- this was my very first wedding on a plane so I quickly called my sister, son and daughter in law to get a team together to handle the hair and makeup, photography and videography for this couple.  Since the wedding was scheduled for 9PM, we knew lighting would be a problem and we’re delighted that officers had set up rolling lights to help overcome the issue of having enough light for photos.

Ann Alexander Handled Hair & Makeup While “Pitching In” On The Photography

 Arriving on the base, Cindy, Ann and Robert had arrived in my SUV and parked in visitor parking to await our military vehicle transport to the Tarmac also known as the “bread truck.” 

Hannah Prepares To Load Up My Team And Both Sets Of Parents Along With Their Beautiful Children For Our Ride

The bumpy and hilarious ride had everyone in the bread truck laughing as we fell into each other on the twisting roads together while getting to know everyone.

Arriving at our destination, Ann went to the barrack restroom to get started on Hannah’s hair and make up while Cindy, Robert and I went to the plane with a military escort to check lighting and possible areas for the ceremony.  Providing hair & make up, items for a bouquet, complimentary photography and videography is rare for any business but—I have a team in place to address any issue because I’ve learned the”hurdles” our clients face and I’ve worked to overcome them with my multigenerational family by being prepared and having enough manpower on site to address any issue.  When I started Texas Twins Events- Low Cost Event Services, my goal was to help consumers forced into a “donut hole” because they could never afford traditional price structures.  I knew that at least 50-75% of these consumers struggled to find a way to enjoy a beautiful event but had no idea of where to even begin.  Years ago for my son’s wedding- I was one of them myself.  Committing your life (and your income) to changing the wedding and events industry by opening a window to help these folks wasn’t cheap or easy- I have no sponsors and operate completely out of my own pockets.  Passion fuels my journey along with my family to reach back and help families.  Merging Texas Twins Events & Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners would open a new window for families with no money to submit trades in exchange for event services.  We don’t “pawn items” we “pawn services” and sell refurbished trades at Visit My Treasure Chest- Texas Twins Treasures!  

Having a team to work together and bring their unique talents to Texas Twins Events while also working together to refurbish trades and recover our expenses for film development, web development, new equipment and more is the main reason for our growth but taking trades opened a new window for our diverse client base.

Ann Alexander Applies The Bride’s Makeup


Beautiful And Natural Makeup Compliments Hannah’s Wedding Dress & Cape


My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel Views The Plane And Lighting For The Event


Ann Joins Me For A Photo With Our Escort On The Tarmac

 Although it was fairly noisy in the plane, my sister Cindy managed to catch video of the ceremony as a keepsake for the family- Wendy Wortham Officiates Wedding On A C130 Carswell AFB. 

Ann Alexander, Hannah, Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel


Beautiful New Couple


Wedding Officiant & Event Coordinator Wendy Wortham


Hannah & Her Father With My Son Robert Hafele Taking The Photos


Bride With Beautiful Bouquet She Created Herself Using Items That I Mailed Along With Keepsakes


Hannah’s Daughters And Bridesmaids

Everyone came together for this event to create a beautiful and unique ceremony.  Hannah needed official permission to use the base and the plane but I’m certain that this wedding will be something her new husband and their families will remember for many years to come.

As I dash off to edit their photos and put them on discs to send to the new couple and their parents- I’m reminded of the hundreds of other families that we’ve helped enjoy a Dream Event and the joy of sharing in their Life Event.

We were honored to help this family and offer year round discounts to military, police, fire & first responders for very important reasons- my cousins and uncle are first responders, my brother retired Navy and my nieces husband is currently a Navy officer so I’m well aware of the financial issues these families face…

Wendy M Wortham- The Pawning Planners