Wendy Wortham- Why My “Pawning Process” Does Not Involve Livestock Trades…

Yesterday a gentleman contacted me regarding a family reunion to schedule an appraisal appointment.  I will now ask more specific questions regarding the trades offered upon realizing that the “pawn” involved a cow! 

 While it’s true that my saucy sidekick sister, Cindy Daniel and I are creative in the “Art of Barter” even we have limits.  Cows, horses, pigs, goats, dogs and even hamsters, snakes and other “pets” have no place in my Texas Twins Treasures Storeroom I’m afraid.  Cindy and I are now answering readers questions and comments on my YouTube site Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel Address Your Questions on Youtube some of your questions are pretty interesting and while we try to address quickly and honestly, submitting a photo of your trade is an easy way for me to evaluate whether or not the “offer” will work to trade for services.  However, should you have neither money or a workable trade for offer- based on your needs I do make exceptions and sometimes sponsor your event. You see, all of my businesses are based on giving back to my community and helping consumers who have nowhere else to turn.

 As the weekend draws near and I finish up my latest project taken in trade several months ago for a wedding that I haven’t had time to refinish due to my very hectic schedule this season, it should be noted that trades of furniture require a lot of time to be “show ready.” 

As you can see, this antique Art Deco Accent Chair has been a “work in progress.”  After painting and going over this item with a high gloss sealer, deciding how I wanted the finished project to look took awhile to keep it unique and somewhat “funky.”  I’ve reinforced the seat back and will cover that in the gold leaf lionhead imported silk fabric to finish the piece.  Once the piece is refurbished, I will take numerous photos and list it for sale.  I do not ship furniture for a number of reasons but mainly because the cost of packaging the item prior to freight is VERY EXPENSIVE.  In order to make a small profit, shipping cannot be included in any furniture item.  However, there are several repeat customers from California and New York who pay shipping fees because the items I’ve refurbished are one of a kind and they realize the value. There are no “quick flips” when it comes to refurbishing antique furniture, the process is slow and completed with my high standards that include the finest fabric and quality construction. 


Trades involving old vehicles that aren’t running cannot be taken for very specific reasons.  While I’m fairly crafty and creative- I’m not a mechanic and no one on my multigenerational team of family members is a mechanic.  Secondly, we have nowhere to store a vehicle at this time.  That may change in the future when funds give us the opportunity to open a storefront for Texas Twins Treasures but currently, we are unable to refurbish a vehicle that isn’t running and “street ready.”  As I return to my workroom to finish my current project, I wish to thank you for your interest in my unique family business committed to giving anyone regardless of their income the opportunity for a Dream Event or service. 

Wendy Wortham Maryssa Mahaney Makenna Mahaney Cindy Daniel

The adventures I’ve shared with my team and the opportunity to meet many wonderful folks from all walks of life have enriched us in a journey for the “down on their luck consumer” to have fond memories and a moment they will treasure for years to come. 

Texas Twins Team

We have laughed with you at celebrations and we have cried with you at funerals.  You have welcomed us into your homes and your lives and shared your hopes and your dreams.  Many of you have asked to join our team upon realizing what we do and how we do it as well as offering to help us during our journey.  You have followed our hilarious adventures from truck stops to rest areas and everywhere inbetween and become a part of our story.  We enjoy answering your questions and look forward to hearing more from ya all soon, to submit your trades, visit The Pawning Planners Website at Pawning Planners Swap, Flip, Barter For Services and for a list of our services, visit Texas Twins Events- Weddings and More if you don’t see a service you’re seeking, please use the contact us link at any site and I will find a way to accommodate your needs. 

 This weekend, my team and I will travel to Gordon, Texas for the Fall Festival to support the volunteer fire department.  I encourage all of our twins, friends and followers to volunteer or get involved in any capacity to an organization that is important to you and gives back to your community.

Wendy M Wortham