Marriage, Mergers & Moving On. Blended Families Mix Things Up…

Now and then I hear from a previous couple who “couldn’t make a go of things.” It’s the sad reality of marriages that merged two families that refused to get along. Was it the bride or grooms family that finally broke up their marriage? Yes, occasionally.  The truth is that you can’t choose your new … [Read more…]

Keeping the”Sizzle” in Your Marriage Isn’t Easy…”Why Working On It” Keeps Marriages Strong

Last week I took a call from a couple whom I had married three years ago regarding marriage counseling.  Apparently they were considering a divorce due to stepchildren and a stale, predictable life they were both unhappy with.  Marriage is a partnership of good, bad and boring!  Keeping things “fresh” isn’t easy but, if both … [Read more…]