The False Prophet?  Yes, We Have Met Her & Want Nothing To Do With Her “Ministry” & Why You Shouldn’t Either…

We all know about the TV Evalgelists asking for money everyday.  Am I the only one wondering where all of this money goes?  After all, how many jets and mansions does a “Minister of the Lord” actually need?  

My personal opinion is that any church should have a food pantry to provide for the poor but it is rare that many churches do.  While there are many Ministers asking for money and donations everywhere you look–I find it odd that no one tells you where all of that money is going. 

 My Aunt runs a food pantry and has for years.  Her belief is that giving to the poor instills hope and that these struggling people will one day help a stranger in need.  The truth is that my Aunt isn’t rich herself!  That’s right- poor people are often far more generous.

I’ve often worked for free when needed by sponsoring a family with no money to book through Texas Twins Events or a trade to barter with through The Pawning Planners.  When people need my help-I give it to them and have done so more times than I could ever count but when I’m tagged in a post on FB asking for donations to a cause I know far too much about–I’m going to speak out about it and assuredly not endorse the person doing it who is profiting by claiming to be grieving over her son and had a hand in ending his life.  

I have a very strong dislike for liars, phonies & deadbeats and am blatantly honest regarding my reasons for people using a “situation” to their advantage and spending that money on new cars, luxury vacations or even themselves when they pretend to be “helping others.”

Recently, someone who professes to operate a non profit “Ministry” that benefits only herself financially “popped up” in a conversation with my twin sister and niece.  The truth is far more interesting than a picture painted of pity and sorrow and certainly needs to be addressed for all of the people “championing” a cause that has nothing to do with Religion.  The truth is that profiting from her past offends everyone in my family!  

This person actually unplugged and removed the feeding tube of her child after exhausting funds, donations and charity for this child.  Make A Wish Foundation provided a new 40k Kia Minivan and another charity paid the mortgage off and remodeled the home to accomodate the disabled child.  After this “snake oil Minister” decided to pull the plug-another organization paid for the headstone and rather than use the money to purchase one, went on a shopping spree.

My sister and nieces knew of this family because the sister of the boy lived with my sister after being kicked out for being pregnant and showed up on Cindy’s doorstep.  For months my sister fed and clothed between 2-7 kids that had nowhere to turn and wound up on her doorstep.  

This “Old Woman In A Shoe Routine” happened to my sister for years.  Why?  Because her daughters always had a friend with idiot parents who didn’t care whether their kids had clothes or ate and would leave their kids at my sisters house for months.  

This also happened to me because my son had several friends with miserable excuses for parents too.  My sister and I are the mothers we have never had.  We tried to give all of these kids a chance in life that they would never have had if left up to their own parents.

Throughout high school, my sister often visited the special needs child with her daughters and knew the “situation” regarding his death.  

The disabled young boys sister called Cindy to tell her the mother was planning to pull the plug and starve him to death and Cindy drove over to the home to beg this “mother” to reconsider.  

Her answer to my sister?  “He’s gonna die someday-he has a short life expectancy.”  So-speeding things up was her way of dealing when all of the outside resources and charitable donations dried up? My twin sister will never forget being at that house, looking into that young boys eyes or a few days later, mourning his death.  

He couldn’t speak but his eyes spoke for him.  My sister and her daughters never saw him again and couldn’t bring themselves to attend a funeral where his mother would pretend to be broken hearted and grief stricken.  

No one in my family could bear to look at that worthless excuse of a mother.  For those of you wondering how long it took her to starve that boy to death- it was four days.  

The mother had sent the nurses who cares for him his entire life away because she premeditated her plan and never counted on my sister or her daughter trying to stop her.  After the boy’s mother “blew through” his headstone donation check shopping, it was his sister who saved for months to pay for his headstone.  

That poor boys mother has spent the past 7 years profiting from his death.  It’s sickening to watch this happen but infuriating to know the circumstances and feel helpless to change her “profit for pity” endeavor.  If only her contributors knew the truth.

Soliciting donations and writing books regarding grief had me so shocked that this person was benefitting financially regarding the death of her son that I’m writing this blog today after she tried to get on our FB timelines and we did some checking on her “Ministry” and book sales regarding grief over her son’s death.

I cannot believe the things some people will do for money but, I run across the worst offenders who use Religion to fund themselves far more than any of you would believe.  

Using God or Guilt or Even Scripture to financially benefit yourself and forsake all others is a lame excuse and lousy way to earn a living.  

Obviously, some people don’t have a conscience and think whatever they are doing or guilty of is okay and it isn’t.

If you don’t know where your money is going and who it is benefiting-please don’t send money because you’ve “heard or read” stories that touch your heart. Some of these “stories” aren’t true.

The truth is that there are manipulators out there who use your money to benefit only themselves!  This woman is ruthless in her quest for money-ruthless! 

When we run across these phoney baloney’s we don’t and never will help them stick it to people-we are honest and never started a “poor me” businesses to take advantage people so please don’t “tag us in” on your FB posts seeking donations to benefit yourself and no one else.

We created businesses for people over profit. We’ve helped hundreds of families and it wasn’t through charitable donations either-it was out of our own pockets.  

Collecting tens of thousands of dollars through your “Ministry” from grief stricken parents or others who believe you are using that money to help people is one of the wickedest things I’ve ever heard of.

My sister immediately came up with today’s #Cindyism based on someone pretending to help others while only helping themself #cindyism “YOU can’t PREACH the BIBLE, if YOU never OPENED and READ, the BOOK” (don’t BE a HYPOCRITE) Amen.

Some people know how to “work the system” and they will work it for every dime they can get while sitting on their ass planning even more ways to profit from soft hearted strangers.  Beware of False Prophets because what you don’t see is often what you will get with them.

We are sickened and saddened that someone responsible for the death of a child is benefiting financially be pretending to be in mourning and using “her story” to generate income through charitable organizations and sponsors.

Asking for donations, selling books and counseling ACTUAL grief stricken parents is so disturbing and shocking to me and my family that we are “outing” you over it.  What you are doing and have been doing is similar to a vegan working at a slaughter house but far worse.  

Telling others who don’t know the “real story” what a good Christian you are is disturbing & shocking but we are hoping that if you have ever opened a Bible, you took the time to read it & comprehend chapters regarding money and greed.

 For years my sister took in other people’s children because their parents were worthless.  Cindy knew firsthand what these parents were like and years later, when she runs into these “High Hatters” who look down their nose at us for helping poor people and sacrificing to benefit the hundreds of people coming to us for help-ya all need to “check yourself before you wreck yourself.”  

For years- my sister and I have raised other people’s kids (including that poor boys sister) while the actual parents went out drinking and shopping and never bothered to pick up their kids for months at a time and ironically, this Wolf in Sheeps Clothing was one of those parents.  

Oh she’s a writer, grief counselor &  Minister now?  How convenient to use your son’s death to benefit yourself and forget that many people actually know what happened and were there.  

You can pretend to be a Non Profit Ministry but the truth is that people who know you and the facts aren’t fooled by you or your many “fundraising” efforts to benefit only you.  Obviously you have no idea what non profit means so I’m including the description for you.  

 One day, the time will come for you to stand before God and answer for your actions.  One day there will be someone who doesn’t fall for all of your lies and looks deeper for the truth and one day perhaps you will realize what you did was evil and manipulative and reprehensible but in the meantime—I hope all of the people falling for your BS look deeper into your “grief” and begin to ask more questions because your story is just a story to benefit you financially.  

This “grief” story is more full of holes than a target at a shooting gallery…and your “Ministry” needs to start giving back to all of those people sending you money because they believe you are using it to help people when you aren’t.

Wendy M Wortham