“Don’t Pay For A Singer & Expect A Choir” #Cindyism My Ginger Twin…

This morning, I reviewed an email regarding a wedding quote that I had submitted through Gig Salad a few weeks ago that has now been changed to June 12 and requesting “complimentary photography.”  

First off- loaned floral designs that I’ve paid for and made to loan folks has been an issue for clients who book through Texas Twins Events- these families have money and can afford the luxuries that clients booking through The Pawning Planners cannot.  

But, currently 60-70% percent of clients from both businesses borrow inventory and after a few issues of clients wanting to keep my floral designs, I need to clarify that my inventory is loaned as a courtesy and most certainly not a gift for you to keep.  

A few weeks ago, the bride (sponsored family with no trade and no money) who was receiving complimentary photography and borrowing my floral designs decided to “toss the bridal bouquet!”  The minute this happened, I knew the crass woman catching it would want to keep it.  

If you want to toss a bouquet-you need to buy your own.  My designs are specifically to use for your event to bring beauty to the photography and never to be either thrown or kept by the client unless, of course, you want to pay me for them. 

Wendy Wortham Officiating With Photography Package & Loaned Floral Designs


Wendy Wortham Officiating With My Loaned Floral Designs & Complimentary Photography By Stephanie Hafele Of My Texas Twins Events Team


Lisa Williams Dream Event- Photography Courtesy of Texas Twins Events, Wendy Wortham Officiating & Photography By My Texas Twins Events Team

 I’m willing to do many things for my clients that go far above and beyond what anyone else would do because I’m different and, because my family joined me on my unique journey to handle other aspects of my business and help me. 

Because of so many issues regarding free event services or complimentary options, I’m going to go over this one more time for folks who assume we enjoy “not being compensated for either our time OR our talents” by traveling nearly two hours ONE WAY to accommodate a request that originally asked for a wedding officiant.  

Due to the distance, I quoted $175.00 because this would be an all day affair based on the travel.  At the time, I also said if the fee was a problem- to visit the Pawning Planners Site to submit a trade or request for services.  Then I emailed that if they had no money for photography when booking me to officiate- we would provide it as a courtesy.

Here’s what I don’t and won’t do- travel this distance when you hired someone else to officiate and provide complimentary photography!  

Loyalty is important to myself and my family so just because I’m kind hearted, don’t assume that I’m willing to bend over backwards and do everything for you if you have “no skin in the game.”  

Don’t understand what that means?  Okay- it means my staff and I are doing everything for you while you do nothing for us.

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel created #Cindyisms after years of watching me overextend myself to accommodate folks and get take advantage (or taken for granted) as their list grew longer and longer.  Let’s take this example:

Someone contacts me to officiate their wedding.  They don’t have any money, they don’t have a wedding dress, they don’t have wedding flowers, wedding shoes or ring pillow, flower baskets or even the wedding flowers.  

My team handles the hair and make up (2 hours) while I wind up giving her the wedding dress after her brother ruins it by throwing cake with blue frosting all over it and ruining not only the complimentary wedding photos but also my $400 dress?!  

I often tell folks who question my blogs that “I can’t make this shit up!” Mostly because even I could have never anticipated the thoughtless thugs who ruin my concept of helping anyone regardless of their income by their horrific and thankless behavior.  My twin and I did a video regarding how upset I was after the 4th burn of helping someone with no trade, no money and effectively no skin in the game!  

Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel Explain Why I Do Not Sponsor Many Families is a video of just one of the times my staff and I were treated badly after bending over backwards to do something for a stranger that her own family was unwilling to do themselves.

After five years in this business, I expect compensation of some sort and if you can’t put some skin in the game- I suggest you find someone willing to work for free (along with their family) forever because guess what?  I’m not that person.  

I have tens of thousands of dollars invested in my business along with five years of my life and if you want something for nothing when you can afford that new car, that vacation, the venue or the caterer- you’re barking up the wrong tree…

Wendy M Wortham