Wendy Wortham Explains Why I Occasionally Work For Free…Sponsored Dream Events-

Do you love your job enough to perform it unpaid?  Many of you will answer no to this question.  I started a business over four years ago to give anyone- read that again-ANYONE a beautiful event regardless of their income.  This sets me apart from nearly any other vendor in the wedding or events industry. 

Bambi Morgan and Reverend Wendy Wortham

It takes dedication to spend years working for free and when your entire family jump in to help without any compensation, it takes passion too.  My Texas Twins Events Team is compromised of my multigenerational family and even a few close friends who pitch in when we need additional help.  Last year I made the newspapers again in Texas when same sex marriage was legalized in Texas. 

Interview With Wendy Wortham Dallas Morning News

While not everyone is supportive of my affiliation within the LBGT community, I’m a strong supporter of equal rights who occasionally gets hate mail from religious zealots and I also throw these letters in the trash.  My business is compromised of 35-40% LBGT 40% Traditional and the remainder of our clients are either ethnic or biracial.  We do NOT discriminate against anyone for any reason and welcome diversity which is why all of our clients are unique. 

Wendy Wortham at Willow Lake Event Center

   Do you LOVE your job?  Yes, I enjoy what I do and I’m dedicated to helping the people no one else would ever have helped who came to me with no money and often, nothing to trade of value.  My sister site We take trades- The Pawning Planners takes trades in exchange for wedding and event services when our clients cannot afford low cost a la carte options through Low Cost Religious Ceremonies & Event Services- Texas Twins Events because two years after starting Texas Twins Events, I recognized that even though my price structure was far below other vendors and although I offered numerous year round discounts, some folks still had difficulty finding help.  Reporters ask how many times we’ve worked at no cost to families over the past four years and are surprised to learn the actual numbers.  Why? Because no one would do the things we’ve done and the reason we do is based on that knowledge.  I created Texas Twins Treasures- Help Us To Help Others With Your Purchase to generate revenue for the families who had no money and, nothing to barter in exchange for services in order to “flip” items I’ve taken in trade and also to help fund the numerous families who wanted a Dream Event but had no one other than myself and my team to help them.

Wendy Wortham- Sponsored Event Floral Designs On Loan From Texas Twins Treasures. I created an inventory to loan clients who could not afford the “extras”


Sponsored Event of Joanna Magee- Wedding Dress on loan Texas Twins Treasures- Floral Designs on loan Property of Wendy Wortham


Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham- Photography Courtesy of Robert & Stephanie Hafele Texas Twins Events Team


Wendy Wortham Officiating


Stephanie Hafele, Wendy Wortham Texas Twins Events Team

Yesterday, several vendors commented on my blog posted on LinkedIn.  They all stated that they were “willing to take trades.”  The problem they missed was were they willing to work for free?  You see, I’ve worked hard to establish myself within this industry along with my team for years not once or twice but closer to 78 times with no compensation.  Are you “willing” to work on those terms yourself?  Probably not since I’ve yet to meet anyone else willing to go to the lengths that we do. 

Wendy Wortham officiating Bandy Dream Event- Floral Designs on loan from Texas Twins Treasures

How many of our clients “borrow” bouquets, ring pillows, flower baskets, centerpieces, cake stands and more?  Nearly everyone!  That’s right, our clients often cannot afford extras because they are low to middle class, blue collar workers who often live paycheck to paycheck.


Ann Rowe Alexander, Wendy Wortham and Sarah Hovareth Fundraising For The Gordon Volunteer Fire Department

From fundraising for various organizations to fundraising for families who come to us for help, we have worked at no charge about 1/4 of the time- that’s commitment buddy!  When Debbie Poteet reached out to us for help on medical expenses- we jumped in and donated an antique table for auction and helped set up a gofundme account Debbie Poteet Fundraising and, when Joanna Magee came to me with nothing- no wedding dress, no flowers, no wrdding shoes, earrings, clothing for her son’s, NOTHING we again jumped in to save the day Joanna Magee Dream Event documents the struggles we faced with ungrateful inlaws and outlaws who failed to appreciate everything we had done for “their daughter.”  You see, what we do isn’t often nearly as appreciated as it should be and because of this we often not only work for free but occasionally work without any gratitude for our generosity. 
Dream Events are NEVER free to us since we often have to purchase items in order to pull everything together and, commit large portions of our time.  Because of this, I will be limiting sponsored events from this point forward after this weekends double baby shower for Brooke Blumfeld and Joanna Magee Sponsored Double Baby Shower Event because buying items and the planning/preparation of sponsored events isn’t an inexpensive endeavor.

I’ve started selling Pawning Planners Apparel to help fund these families but will be particularly picky when choosing a sponsored family based entirely on their story submitted to my Pawning Planners Website. 

Robert & Stephanie Hafele- Pawning Planners Apparel

 To find how you can help these families, visit my Texas Twins Treasures site and buy something.  Purchase Profits are used to help families with a request who have no funding.

I hope this better explains who we are and what we’ve done along our journey to change the wedding and events industry “one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas!”

Wendy M Wortham Meet The Pawning Planners