Texas Twins Treasures Visit My Treasure Chest- There Is Something For Everyone…

When you take trades for services, you come across some fairly interesting and even occasionally surprising items.  My latest website Texas Twins Treasures offers items that have been carefully and artfully refurbished or couture clothing, jewelry, shoes and purses. 

Wendy Wortham Models Hand Beaded Sequin Bolero

 When folks ask where we find the clothing the answer is more complex than you might think because my twin sister Cindy Daniel and I also offer estate liquidation and sometimes trade inventory with other sellers on eBay for unique tapestry fabrics I use to refurbish furniture trades I’ve taken for wedding and event services offered at Texas Twins Events Services Offered From Religious Ceremonies to Floral Designs & Photography to taking trades from families who can’t afford the low cost A La Carte options offered at Texas Twins Events.  The Pawning Planners merged Texas Twins Treasures and Texas Twins Events to create a unique opportunity to trade old farm equipment, jewelry, antique furniture, and more for a beautiful wedding, baptism, funeral, house blessing, anniversary, estate liquidation and more because at Texas Twins Events no event is too big or too small- we do them all!  We do not accept livestock or non running vehicles or firearms for numerous reasons.  We do not have a mechanic on staff or anywhere to store farm animals or vehicles and firearms sales (or trades) have legal requirements involved.  If you wish to sell your firearms, there are numerous places to do so in Fort Worth and Dallas.  Trading for services requires myself and my staff to either come to you (by appointment) or, for you to bring your items to us.  There is no guarantee that your items will satisfy the cost of your event and I am experienced in sales and marketing as well as the “Pawning Process” to have a general idea of the value of items offered in trade.  Should you wish to submit your trade online with photos and what type of event you are seeking, please use the Pawning Planners site to submit your story. 

Cindy Daniel With Our Preferred Moving Vendor Firemans Finest

We will either rent a truck and movers to pick up your items or you can bring the items to us. 

Wendy Wortham Designer For Texas Twins Treasures


Wendy Wortham Designer for Texas Twins Treasures


Wendy Wortham Designer For Texas Twins Treasures


Wendy Wortham Designer For Texas Twins Treasures

Many of my refurbished items have a mix of fabric.  The reason for this is that the fabrics I use are of the highest quality and therefore, very expensive.  To overcome the issue I decided to blend fabrics that compliment each other and effectively “let my freak flag fly” by blending and playing with my artistic side of the unique attributes of not only the piece itself but also of the band, welt and often, by using a coordinate seat fabric to give the client an option of flipping the cushion for a fresh look. 

Wendy Wortham Silk Beaded Bolero


Wendy Wortham Silk Oscar De La Renta Scarf


Wendy Wortham Reprile Emboss Handbag


Wendy Wortham Beaded Messenger Satchel

 Models for Texas Twins Treasures are often myself, my twin sister Cindy Daniel and occasionally, our Tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney to give buyers an idea of how the item drapes and falls. 

Cindy Daniel Cedric Foxtail Swing Coat


Wendy Wortham Beaded Silk Floral Evening Jacket


Maryssa And Makenna Mahaney Model Lot of 2 Handcrafted Poodle Skirts


 All items that will fit into a priority envelope or box are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and larger items such as furniture are local pick up only although I will meet with your shipper or freight company.  Packaging of furniture items is at the expense of the buyer.  Often buyers do not understand the expense of both packaging and freight involved with furniture items and this is why I explain that buyers should get several bids prior to purchasing furniture when they are located outside Dallas/Fort Worth.  Flower Girl Twins Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Floral Designs by Wendy Wortham for Texas Twins Treasures Photography by Texas Twins Events   

Leigh Ann Blais with Cindy Daniel and Alex Blais Floral Designs by Wendy Wortham


Texas Twins Events Often Loan Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham as well as other Texas Twins Treasures Inventory to ensure a beautiful and memorable ceremony


Weddings By Wendy Wortham


Flower Girls Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney


Texas Twins Events Fundraising With Wendy Wortham- We do Fundraising too!


LBGT Friendly Traveling Minister Wendy Wortham


Two Sets of Texas Twins Committed to your Dream Event- Texas Twins Events


Texas Twins Events Photography Offers Affordable Options For Families


Texas Twins Events Photography


Year Round Active or Retired Military Discounts

 At Texas Twins Events, we discount packages for Military, Police, Fire, Emergency Responders and more because we believe in giving back to our community and making Dream Events affordable to anyone regardless of their income!  I hope this blog addresses the unique inventory of Texas Twins Treasures and look forward to answering any other questions you may have.  Cindy and I are excited to announce that we are already booking events through Spring and appreciate the support of our social network connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus, and FB.  

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