Fort Worth For The Holidays With The Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team…

From Black Friday shopping to Six Flags, this Texas Twins Team has been staying busy collecting Toys For Tots and delivering hot meals to friends and families.  Last year, we were in California with the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney along with my niece, Leigh Ann Blais and saucy sidekick twin sister Cindy Daniel. 

Leigh Ann Blais Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham


Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham


This year we have a new addition to our family with Latest Little Pawner Madyson Blais melting hearts everywhere we go. Travelling with my family requires a lot of patience since some of them have their own ideas regarding departure times, restaurants and even where we stop for restroom breaks around here! But, when you have a group of compensating personalities what can you expect? 

Madyson Blais with Maryssa Mahaney


Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney are having so much fun with a new baby home for the holidays!  As we prepare for a few winter weddings between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year along with family outings and volunteer efforts- the tiny Texas Twins are looking forward to adventures at the Stockyards Station as well as Six Flags Holiday in the Park and the Gaylord Texan Resort.  Although we spent last Christmas at Disneyland with our multigenerational family of twins- this year we plan on being home for the holidays with our family.  Cindy and I travel quite a bit with our families on our adventures in the wedding and events industry and both agree that road trips and rest stops with our families can often be the basis for many of my sisters #Cindyisms. The Squables that occur amongst my team are often where Cindy Daniel gets her “best material” for her Texas Humor Cindyisms.  Ironically, only my twin and I know who she’s talking about.

Cindy Daniel with Madyson Blais


Leigh Andrea Blais Black Friday Shopping at Walmart

My niece is looking forward to her “Sailor Boy” coming home to Fort Worth for Christmas.  They will be moving to Coronado Island in CA on the Naval Base in January.  The whole family will miss Leigh Ann and young “Maddy” but, we are planning to visit often because Cindy and I love California and still have a lot of family still living in our childhood state of beautiful beaches and sunsets. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

Our twins have already begun their Christmas Wish Lists and aren’t afraid to work for the allowance and save for kangaroo jump shoes for Makenna and a skateboard without wheels for Maryssa.  Cindy and I think both of these items sound dangerous and have no idea how the twins even came up with these unusual items. 

Cindy Daniel Wendy Wortham and Tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa with Makenna Mahaney

This holiday season, remember your friends and family who have nowhere to go and share a holiday meal.  Remember the children who have no Christmas tree or toys and make Christmas about giving rather than getting.  We are “working on it” with the Little Pawners and trying to teach them that Christmas is less about gifts and more about giving ourselves. 

The older children of my multigenerational team understand that Christmas gifts are less important than Christmas memories and although Maryssa and Makenna love to shop- they are saavy consumers who check prices and know where to find the best deal. From our family to yours- we hope your family has many wonderful Christmas memories and even a few funny stories…

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