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It’s hard to believe that our Tiny Texas Twins aka The Little Pawners are gearing up for their first school dance. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

I remember standing with my twin sister Cindy Daniel when these little angels were born and wondering if they would mimic our own mannerisms? Be as close to one another as we are? They are remarkably similar to Cindy and I with Maryssa being fun loving and gregarious and Makenna being serious and quite the perfectionist. 

Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney

Many of our twin friends around the world wait for Cindy’s twin photo of the day to be posted on FB, Twitter and Instagram.  The Little Pawners have a flair for fun and fashion after years of my twin carefully crafting their tutus and headbands by hand long hours into the night.  It sometimes takes a village to raise children and my sister took on a huge responsibility when she adopted these twins at birth both financially and physically to care for them.  Other than myself and my husband, there was no one else on hand to help purchase two of everything or give Cindy a break by taking the twins home for a sleepover.  Raising children requires sacrifices, you sacrifice your time and your money to give children all the things you never had. 

Leigh Ann Blais with Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney

As we anxiously await the arrival of my niece Leigh Andrea’s baby, I wonder if she realizes or recognizes how much her life will change with a new baby.  Cindy and I both wonder how we can prepare her for the sleepless nights, the hospital runs, the fevers and the unexpected childhood ailments.  Is there really a way to prepare your kids for the responsibility of parenting? 

Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney with Aunt Leigh Ann Blais

You see, Leigh Ann had taken the twins with her on many occasions throughout their lives and been to the hospital with Cindy and I more times than we could ever count but, when you’re a mother it’s different.  You worry more when it’s your own child and as our Tiny Texas Twins are growing up and looking forward to not having their “Twin Meme’s” escort them to their first dance, Cindy is plotting a way to sneak over to the school and snoop. Of course she can count on me to accompany her on this snoop fest to see what the twins are doing at this dance and I’m sure we will follow them on their first date too- that’s what we do, we overprotect, we worry and we shelter our children for as long as we possibly can! 

Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney

Leigh Ann would probably tell you that she couldn’t wait to get married and move away but, after she left, she missed her meddling mother and me.  She came home to be with family during her pregnancy and although moving to Seattle sounded exciting last year when she finally packed up and drove away, she realized that our close knit and “always in your business” family were in her rear view mirror and suddenly realized it was a loss that she would miss.  Moving to another state and being a Navy wife after living with “twin moms” and close knit cousins was hard for my niece.  Soon, she will move to San Diego where her husband will be stationed with their new baby and I’m certain that Cindy and I along with our Little Pawners will pack up and fly out there to “set up her house” whether she wants our help or not.  That’s what families do, they worry about children long after they’ve left home and they worry about the grandchildren too.  Occasionally, grandparents like my twin raise their grandchildren and these “unsung heros” deserve every ounce of praise we can give them for raising a child is no small task when your 40 years old and have already raised your own family.  Commitment and courage are required and if you’re a twin, there is always someone who “had your back!” 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

Leigh Ann really wanted twins but the truth is twins require far more attention than one child.  My son Robert had my sister when I was working and while Cindy was working, her daughter’s had Aunt Wendy because we raised our families as a twin team.  We are due another set of twins and whether it will be my son, or my nieces who effectively “win the lottery” with a double blessing, my twin and I will be there to help just as we will with Leigh Ann.  It’s been so long since either Cindy or myself have held a tiny baby that we are excited at the promise of a new grand baby to spoil and cherish. 

 As I look at the twins sleeping peacefully in their room at WorthamWorld, I wonder when they will be “too old” to sleep together?  I’m hoping the answer is years away because I’ve learned when you separate twins- they long for their “other half” and are not at peace.  I’m glad they are going to this dance as escorts to each other and I’m glad they share the close bond of my sister and I.  Most of all, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to have my family involved with my events business to give us time to work together and to play together as a team.  Children are a gift to be treasured and parenting is far easier when you have a family committed to helping you raise your child. 

Twin Flower Girls, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

       Any of our children would complain that Cindy and I are “always in their affairs.”  From setting up my son’s first home to following him on a few dates- we have always been a bit over the top with our ideas on the older kids regarding homemaking and even their attire but what parent doesn’t freewheel the advice train?  My son tells me that I try to over feed him every me I see him but in defense I’m simply trying to be sure he has a home cooked meal and clean socks.  Do I still try to accompany him (at 25) for a haircut? Yes! I won’t always be here to tell him what looks best and while I am here you can count on me “throwing my two cents in!”   

Wendy Wortham Makenna Mahaney Maryssa Mahaney Cindy Daniel “Two Sets Of Texas Twins”


Wendy Wortham