Wendy Wortham- Baby Showers, Blessings and a Family of Twins…Texas Twins Events Team 


Wendy Wortham and Leigh Ann Blais

 Yesterday evening as I waited for news of my niece to deliver her baby girl, Madyson Elizabeth Blais with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel, son and his wife Robert and Stephanie Hafele, Stephaney Mahaney with her twins Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, friend Tammi Jane Leggett along with Leigh Ann’s husband Alex Blais. 

  It became a bit obvious that my Texas Twins Events Team may go a bit “over the top” during events ya all!  

Robert Hafele with Makenna Mahaney #RedneckReality Wheelchair Transport System

From the flower arrangements to the balloons, baby clothes, candy and gifts- we do it BIG in Texas!  Tammi Leggett and I couldn’t carry everything and the valet decided to grab an extra wide wheelchair to help us out with our load of goodies. 

Leigh Ann Blais

My niece, Leigh Ann struggled with fertility issues for years and couldn’t believe that she had finally conceived and although this was a high risk pregnancy, the hurdles and doctor visits were well worth the wait for this family! 

Wendy Wortham with Leigh Ann & Madyson Blais @Baylor Hospital Fort Worth, Texas

While my twin, Cindy Daniel had hoped for a chubby little bundle, Madyson is long limbed just like her cousins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney.  I’m certain that my saucy sidekick sister will be planning to plump this baby up ya all! 

Leigh Ann Blais with Little Pawner Maryssa Mahaney

For as long as I can recall, Leigh Ann has wanted nothing more than a family.  Since her sister, Stephaney Mahaney had Leigh Ann with her during the birth of Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, Leigh Ann wanted Stephaney with her during the birth with her husband Alex Blais. 

Alex Blaise with Stephaney Mahaney

Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney used their iPhones to take videos of Stephaney hamming it up with Alex.  A healthy baby is a blessing to the Texas Twins Team as our Tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa and Makenna, spent months at Harris Hospital due to health complications in the ICU Neonatal Center. 

Stephaney Mahaney with Madyson Elizabeth Blais

      I’m fairly certain the nurses weren’t pleased with my huge family hanging out in the halls waiting on the baby to come but, we do everything together and are a very close knit family so, if having a crowd was out of the ordinary, deepest apologies to the Labor & Delivery Team at Baylor Hospital.  It’s just “the way we roll” around here! 

Texas Twins Events Team

As we begin preparing for a belated Baby Shower, I for one can’t wait to get out and find some super cute baby clothes for this “little bundle!”  Leigh Ann (like me) loves Halloween and I had purchased “Maddy” two super cute Halloween outfits weeks ago. 

Makenna Mahaney Leigh Ann Blais Maryssa Mahaney

 Hoping to be out of the hospital in time for our trip to the Fall Festival in Gordon and handing out candy at Tammi Leggett’s over the top decorated home on October 31, my team is hurriedly scrambling to arrange a baby shower and I’m looking at various fun and unique venues for us. 

Leigh Ann & Alex Blais

Congratulations to Leigh Ann and Alex Blais, your beautiful little bundle “Maddy” has a lot of love to look forward to ? 

Leigh Ann Blais Cindy Daniel Wendy Wortham

Wendy M Wortham