Wendy Wortham- Dallas Pride Parade With Two Sets of Texas Twins- Love Wins!

  As my Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team prepare for Pride Events in the cities of Dallas & Fort Worth, I remember the friends I’ve lost who never thought same sex marriage would be legalized in Texas.  Tom Anable and Charles Thomason, you will be in my heart and on my mind this Sunday while my team and I show our support for our friends in the LBGTQ community at Pride2015 events. Some of you may recall that the Texas Twins lost both of our suv’s last year when we forgot where we had parked!  This year we are taking photos to find our place after a busy day in Dallas?! 

Wendy Wortham Ann Rowe Alexander Cindy Daniel

As we continue to do what we can for the float entry for Club Changes with Craig Sullivan and look forward to visiting our treasured friend, Tom McAvoy’s float entry for the Rainbow Lounge, my “open invitation” to all of our previous clients, followers, friends and twins stands to join my parade entry for Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners- ya all are welcome to join us!

The No Hate Campaign with Adam Bouska was somewhat of a “family reunion” with our many friends from Fort Worth and Dallas- we are looking forward to catching up with everyone again this year and glad that the Fort Worth Parade will have music although I’m still hoping to one day have a marching band or Mariachi entry for a little “parade thrill!” 

Wendy Wortham Makenna Mahaney Maryssa Mahaney Cindy Daniel “The Pawning Planners & Little Pawners”

 Supporting our community and thankful that at last everyone in Texas is free to enjoy the legalization of marriage after years of fighting for equality- I’m certain that this years celebrations are going to be with tears of joy from our many previous clients.

Wendy M Wortham